Travel Thru’ The Lens: Krabi, Thailand

I once had a friend who commented about me doing nothing when I am in the middle of paradise. “What paradise” I quipped “It was nothing but work when you are in Singapore.” That was when he (or was that a she?) says, “You have beautiful beaches throughout South East Asia whereas we Europeans have … Continue reading

Sony Alpha 7 Mark 2: Test Status Report 1

Now in the midst of testing the A7ii with actual shooting circumstances. Here’s a pano shot of the Singapore Skyline from another perspective with multiple shots and then stitching using Photoshop. After today’s shoot here’s what I found. – When matched with Alpha Mount APS-C Carl Zeiss lens 16-80mm, the auto crop function in the … Continue reading

The Day I Became The Model

Was invited by the content creators of Samsung Galaxy Life app to the an interview and a outdoor photo shoot. So while waiting, did a few product shoot of the Joby 3-in-1 strap with the Samsung NX1 by the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Reviews coming soon.

Quickie Review: LG G Watch R

Interest in wearable tech seems to petered out no thanks to too many project failures over at crowd funding sites (my kreyos…flopped badly) and that leads to a bit of weariness on the part of some consumers who just wanted a notification device, a watch and an activity tracker. Well, Google started the Android Wear … Continue reading

Quickie Review: NX1 Shoots in the Dark

Am slowly going to do some updates using my blog using the Quickie Review series and not just super big post like before. Am using this method for my on-going test with the Samsung NX1 camera, basically a camera that has promised much in terms of specification and is a game changer in the market … Continue reading

Quickie Review: Sony A7ii

Today Sony unveiled the A7ii to the media. It was a big thing with Media representatives from all over the region coming in to see the new Mirrorless full frame. My executive summary is as such… it is basically A7 with a better designed body and the 5-axis image stabilisation system. Is it any good? … Continue reading