Travel Thru’ The Lens: Krabi, Thailand

I once had a friend who commented about me doing nothing when I am in the middle of paradise. “What paradise” I quipped “It was nothing but work when you are in Singapore.” That was when he (or was that a she?) says, “You have beautiful beaches throughout South East Asia whereas we Europeans have … Continue reading

Book of Life Movie Screening & Halloween Party

Am honoured to be invited to cover the movie screening of The Book of Life, Organised by Party Palour with Mexican Embassy and Golden Village. The people from the Mexican Embassy and the Mexican Association are really a bunch of fun people and certainly very warm. Kids are having fun wearing Halloween costumes and have … Continue reading

A Glowing Comment…

Last night I did an event photography with Monash University and it so happens one of the academic staff was commenting about doing a quick portraiture. One thing leads to another and I have her standing under the simple down lights in the art gallery and proceeded to take a few shots before a black … Continue reading

WilzWorkz Blog 3rd Year Anniversary

Got a reminder today that my blog has crossed the 3rd year. What a journey. At first I started with only 134 views in the first month of operation in 2011 with an average of 29 views per day for the year of 2011. Yes. For someone who is struggling to get blog/website going, seeing … Continue reading

Wilz Tipz

For that extra protection one can use the bubble protection tubes packaging that comes with toner cartridges. It takes up space but for long trips is good security.

Hands On: Fujifilm TCL-X100

Fujifilm X100 I would say heralded the era where using the tool as in changing the settings quickly by dials, lens and rings has improved the joy of photography tremendously. Although hampered by a very challenging focusing engine early from its launch, the constant improvement through Kaizen (改善), a management philosophy to continually improve has … Continue reading