Hectic Saturday with 3 Awesome Activities: Assemble, Eat and Teach!

Last Saturday was certainly one of the most hectic work schedule with 3 separate events. Not that I am complaining but it is heartening to see SPIN slowly growing into areas that SPIN members appreciate in the areas of film, lomography and food!

I started off the day with the DIY Lomo Camera class. It started off with two, Eugene and Ze Xuan. All things started small and I understand that God will bless those who are faithful with the little they have.  Anyway the camera was assembled pretty quickly by Eugene and Xuan needed help at various stages of the assembly.  Good thing that nothing was lost.

After teaching them how to load the film and tips on how to use the camera, off we go to meet the guys over at Wok & Barrel, the first SPIN Foodie Outing.

Philicia, Stanly, Ann, Derrick, Athena, Ze Xuan, Eugene, Kevin, Chin, Jacob, Wilson (cameraman)

SPIN Foodies (http://www.facebook.com/groups/SPIN.Foodies) is a gathering of all those who love their food and like to take them in pictures before going into our digestive system.  Jacob and me are looking at ways that we can have mutual benefit arrangements with the new food businesses by doing food tasting, doing feedback through a written format or posting in SPIN.Foodies group page and then allow the establishment to use our photos for their menu, marketing materials etc.  The key difference that we have over the other bloggers is that we have myriad of taste buds and definitely have more varied photos to choose from. Not to mention that it may be cheaper to get us to take while we eat!

OK. Back to the food. Presenting the MENU!

The first thing is the word ‘BRUNCH’. Nothing drama here. Just that it is something I don’t usually see. They do have a breakfast menu but I am dying to have something more substantial. Looking at the prices, it is not that expensive, given that the ambiance with its zen white and black deco is pretty welcoming. Perhaps it is the great photos that we see around the restaurant that makes a photographer feel at home.

After everyone made their choices, being the head honcho I decided to get the most expensive item on the menu. The Bak Chor Pasta@SGD19.90.

Yes. It is really appetizing isn’t it? And it is truly a great mix or fusion of Eastern and Western Cuisine. Bak Chor or Mince Pork is usually our signature hawker fare in the heartlands. The original is more watery whereas the one here is much more thicker, closer to the consistency you would expect from a great Pasta restaurant.

The spice and the pork are well mixed into the pasta and it just gives that oomph of an Asian food but is given that weight through the use of pasta.  That sensation is not evident when we use the normal noodle or mee that usually comes with the normal hawker fare.

What I do like is a bit more spiciness. It can be a bit ‘hotter’ and a being named Bak Chor, I was expecting minced pork around. Yes I appreciate the bigger chucks of pork meat but a mixture of both minced pork and pork pieces would be nice and will give a more consistent texture to the offering.  Perhaps a smattering of mushrooms would be nice too!

Since the Bak Chor Pasta is a bit underwhelming in the spicy department, I hunted around the table and got hold of Kevin’s 5 Spice Pork. Yes it looked mighty red. And yes it is flavorful in terms of spice and hotness.  The portion don’t look really a lot as it seems as though it is unceremoniously being dumped into a small bowl. But big sized Kevin has to order 2 plates of Nasi Lemak just to go with this dish and it is really delicious.

The cooked pork is teared nicely before the 5 spices does it jobs, ensuring the flavour reached to the most inner being of the pork pieces.  Being chewy, it actually prolong the joy of making it stay in your mouth for the longest time and end it with a mouthful of Nasi Lemak. One more plate please!

There is another pork dish called Fried Pork ordered by Eugene. On first glance it is really deep fried pieces of pork but it is marinated nicely with pepper and spice. It is something akin to the Taiwanese XXXL Fried Chicken Fillet but it has a more unique taste. A great accompaniment to a mug of Hoegaarden beer!

Fried Carrot Cake has always being my favourite. I like it black but I am also a fan of the Hong Kong Style fried carrot cake that is charred on the edges that gives that crispy sensation. Now what do I see here?

The W&B version is the second most expensive dish after the Bak Chor Pasta and the portion size is seriously a bit size-challenged especially when you can have a huge plate of it at the local hawker center. The prawns that comes with the carrot cake don’t really make things that much appetizing and word ‘r-p o-f’ starting to appear.

Taste wise, I guess it has the same batter as the Fried Pork; peppery with tinge of 5 spice. The carrot cake was moist and tasty though. Not the bland types you would normally find, not at all surprising since it is made in house by W&B. But still the portion needed a bit of tweaking.

The following two dishes are ones that are actually good enough to be a ‘must eat’ category because the description on the menu don’t do justice to them: The Asian Coleslaw and Fried Chicken Wings

My my. Asian Coleslaw is something you would not get outside and I always like some ingenuity in terms of cooking and taste. I for one am a sucker for chinese wong bok and cabbage. I am not sure why but a Tiger don’t like green stuff going into the mouth. White, well at least, is neutral. But the crunchy Asian Coleslaw is mixed up good with asian condiments such as lime juice, coriander, crushed peanut and fried shallots. I am sure there is more to it because it just taste so nice.

The other unsung hero is the chicken wing. Its marinate is something I have not tasted before. Being Hainanese with a penchant for Chicken, this dish has me sold immediately. One of the chicken pieces tried hard to avoid being eaten and dropped into a glass of water.  Interestingly, it reminds me of the Vietnamese Spring Rolls being dipped into the lemongrass dip.  Something the W&B can try!

A great hearty lunch and I was off again now with some of the lads in tow to meet up with the Introductory Class. Because the F1 was in full swing, the usual training grounds around the Marina Bay was not an ideal location anymore.  And so we went to Central Mall and Clarke Quay to do exercises and practice on what was taught in class.  End of the great day with a group shot.  Pity Holly can’t be around!

Kevin KP Yeo, Derrick, Ann, Kevin, JM, Arun, Joanna, Garick, Liling,  Raymond, Philip.

Sians…Kopi Prince Kevin always must be the ONE.


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