Masala Is Not Just for Tea…

Comedy Masala is one of those groups that I got around to cover for my photography event. It started out with Dan Nainan coming to Singapore and I covered that event as the official photographer.  And thanks to Umar I have the opportunity to cover Comedy Masala on some Tuesday nights. Time passed and Comedy Masala has grown in stature in the short span of 12 months and No. 51 and 52 are the events I have covered for their 1st Anniversary.

I think it is not a coincidence that Masala happens every Tuesday evening. I guess some remnants of Monday blues are still lingering around and it takes some jokes to exorcise that feeling of despondency. I for one enjoy an evening of laughter and jokes especially when things are not going jolly well these past weeks.

Well enjoy the photos as I have tried my best not to laugh while taking the photos. Not easy when the stage light is pretty dim and I can’t really laugh and hold my breath right?

Hey Umar! Thanks for everything man! I know being a terrorist to boredom is tough. Keep it up!

The resident despot dictator 🙂

Thanks to Liam, that pretty darn porn music keep playing in my head while I visited the library, the MRT and even CHURCH…”Ohhhh God~~~~!!!”

Faz, the Original Singaporean.

Rizal. About the All Blacks? Welcome to Singapore…AGAIN!

I know…you are waiting since high school…

Indian Bro from across the straits…

Oh I like the joke about ballooning….er…nevermind.

Jason really has a lot of issues…

Wayne whining…but he’s cute…No I am NOT gay.

The Brit.

His Pop goes into McDonald’s.

More can be seen at


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