Introductory Classes No. 6

The day didn’t start out that promising with looming thunder clouds with the threat of rain so much so Shriram messaged to ask about wet weather. Couldn’t blame him as we all would love to have some fun too.  The other SPIN members joined in from honing skills to trying new lens in the form of the 11-16mm Tokina (Panasonic) lens.

The students did try all the necessary skills needed for a good travel photography shots with some tips on using the creative zone of the camera and a bit of fun using Aperture and Shutter. Just want to make sure they got the basics right before putting more in their already saturated brains.  Aziyah also get to try her new wired shutter release controller. Hope she can at least know how to use it before the fireworks at the end of the year comes along (a workshop will be held for the Punggol Waterfront Opening which SPIN will take part in).

I tried out the new route that I was planning, being sick of the Marina Bay route for sometime now and was blessfully interrupted by the Singapore F1 and I have to think of alternatives. It sure is a blessing in disguise as there is some variety of the walking tour we do so as to keep SPIN and Intro Class students a bit more motivated. Coming Saturday will be another route and I hope it will be another fresh appeal to the class and SPIN members.

Anyway, the photos are here. If you are interested to join the class, please contact Wilson at Theory classes happens every Thursday and the theory over the weekend.


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