Feedback From Class Participants

I always wondered how come other merchants in Groupon can feature feedback from their past participants and mine did not turn out during my Groupon run.  After a fury of calls, I now understand that they need some collaborating evidence that the feedback is from other people and not from me.

Understand. Totally Understand. It would avoid so much angst if they would just tell me sooner in the face.

So to make sure the comments from the participants I got was not from my own brain matter, I have decided to scan the stack of forms from those who have given me good feedback. (Good feedback means give good, constructive ideas as well as letting me know where I fall short).

I will share some of my thoughts when it comes to some areas here so my students and future students will know how I teach photography in the flickr photos.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to leave great comments through my Facebook page, verbal communication, emails and feedback form. I would also like you guys to share your thoughts by replying to this post too!

Here are a few,

For more feedback, please click on to

Please do comment/feedback in this post too!


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