Another Hectic Weekend

This weekend is pretty tight in terms of activities. Yesterday I was doing some media visit on the new xBox 360 game and won the Dance Central 2 game, earning myself one bag of CK perfume. Got to try the new wireless wheel for the Forza 4 and the sports game. It need a little getting used because of the lack of the steering column. I also got from the PR team the PUMA Red color bag and a huge purple color towel. Never have so much fun for a long time.

Yes. I won a dancing game.

Later yesterday was covering the event for HTC Promoters’ Night with food and the movie Real Steal…err…Steel. Never thought a movie about Robot fighting, nope it is not Transformers, would be so emotional. Kudos to the actors. I see another Drew Berrymore coming up the ranks of great child stars. Thanks to Jaeden, Fuad, Diana and Eva for the help last night. Hope you guys have fun while picking up tips for event photography.

Today will be collecting a wine cellar (Free, thank you Mr Bob Wong), a baby shower at 2pm and then the intro class at 4pm. Tomorrow will be doing an assignment for HDB and take landscape shots of the Punggol Waterfront. Good thing is just next to my place. Those who are going, do look out for my email later today.

Monday, will be heading out to Sentosa to look at the new Maritime Museum with the girls.

Praise the Lord! Now I need some Barocca.


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