Introductory Classes For Any Type of Camera.

The Groupon Deal is up for the 3rd time.–worth–150-/715871044

For those who has went through the classes, I hope you guys get the answers you are looking for.  I also hope that those who will be signing up for the classes, are looking for ways to improve their photography with the simplest and effective methods without being bogged down by Shutter, Aperture, or, God forbid for the time being, Manual Settings.

The SAM modes, as I called them, need some time to understand and logically link them in order to make full use of them to gain maximum mileage out of your camera. It is not going to be easy to explain the concept in 2 hours and it is not going to be easy for one to grasp it.

What I will be doing, is to ensure that you start to really control your camera, without being confused by all the techno, photography jargon you hear. No wonder people are scared of learning photography because it just sound and seems so confusing. It happens to me during my student days and to make matter worse, cameras use film and development cost is not cheap for learning.

Photography is really an exercise of logic. But for logic to work, there must be a good foundation of understanding how a camera thinks and acts. So to skip all the foundation knowledge and understanding and go straight to SAM modes is at best a confusement (I created this word) and at worse, giving up the hobby altogether (I have heard a lady give up her DSLR to go back to compact camera).

My method is for people to start enjoying their photography by solving their simple photography problems first, not by piling tons of information that won’t be used by the common people.  Solve the basic problems and then slowly introduce the creative aspects of photography.

I aim to make people enjoy photography, and not going through a thesis to get a PHD as in Permanent Head Damage.

Groupon deal did not share the feedback I have from my class participants, which is really a marketing blooper in my book.  So for those who are keen to take my classes, do read what past participants have to say at:

Moreover, the thing that help a learner photographer is the support one receives not just from the instructor, but also from those who are also learning or have gain experience and are willing to share. Hence that is why I started Singapore Photography Interest Network or SPIN (

SPIN is the vehicle I set up 3 years ago to allow mutual support from those who has participated in my classes and also the ability to set up geographical clubs around Singapore.  SPIN is the place where everyone shares outings and activities, which means more exposure and experience for those who are learning and also create and maintain community spirit amongst the members in SPIN and its various affiliated groups such as Pasir Ris Elias Photography Interest Club.

The best part is this: SPIN membership is FREE. You can start asking those who has attended my class and then join SPIN on the benefits they have enjoyed. Some of them went for my class and has since went for a shoot at Punggol Waterfront, gone to event photography sessions and enjoy outings to learn more without paying a single cent and yet they learn not just from me but from everyone.

WilzWorkz tries to give a fair and equitable value to the services being rendered and in some cases, more than what others have given or offer. I hope these concessions are not being taken for granted and I thank those who appreciate the sacrifices being made to bring a more holistic photography hobby experience to the fore.

Hope you share my vision and my view.


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