INTRO Practical Class Number 7.

Since I have started the new system where people can come for the class and choose  the day of outing that they can attend, today’s turn out is really small from the actual class.  I guess that’s a blessing in disguise as there are good questions today that need a bit more attention to explain. Today was joined by Kevin Yeo, Ann Tam, Fuad and Aziyah and her three boys. As last week, we started off from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and headed for the Thian Hock Keng Temple.  Thinking that the temple should be ok to be shot, it was a shock when it was in the midst of restoration. I wonder what Eduardo was doing last week.

In any case, we did the normal exercises for the Intro class from Landscape to portrait to macro and a bit more than usual because of some really good questions.  We then proceed to Lau Pa Sat for some simple meat sticks dinner topped with peanut gravy. A lot of shooting ensured. Of course the stall workers get some love from our lens while they are BBQ’ing the satays. Great shots!

Trying to Get the Focusing Going

Hungry Bunch of Pictographers

What A Look! *Shivers*

Now, get the shimmering in!

The Bottle of Milk has a Alcohol Content of 30%

Satay Satay~!!

Up Close and personal. Now Drool~~

Now Drool Again!

Love that T-Shirt!

There’s not much of a sunset today due to rain so we concentrate on getting the skills for self landscape shot pat down.  Aziyah really had problems with the focusing between the Sigma and the 1000D.  Remind self to bring my old canon lens to let her try. Fuad and nieces daughters had some fun too, doing some slow shutter shooting with flash for that psychedelic effect.  Someone did a nice touch with the traffic cones so everyone had a try capturing the halloweenish shot.

Long day and longer still tomorrow when SPIN, Pasir Ris Elias PIC and the Punggol 21 Photo Interest Club ( will be heading down to the Punggol Waterway to shoot the opening ceremony of the waterway. Here’s to more good photos!


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