Good Morning Singapore! A Photo Outing With Church Mates!

Waking at 6.30AM in the morning of a holiday is to most, not really a holiday. I mean who can comprehend waking up early and holiday in a single sentence? OK. It is not so dramatic when I am going out with a bunch of fine young men and women (young all sense of the word, I am young at heart!) trying to capture the essence of PEACE and REST, or in other words SHALOM in our tools of imaging at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.  It started really slowly until rays from the sunlight was presented coupled with the water mist from the nearby man-made waterfall, it makes a dramatic scene waiting to be captured!

Flowers are a plenty with Orchids taking centre stage most of the time. Afterall, the orchid is THE National Flower. Fresh, colourful and lively flowers are the stuff that cameras are made for.

4 hours quickly passed by while we wrap up the session as the sun was getting a bit too hot to be comfortable.  One can never feel a sense of tranquility when dogs, kids and people starts swarming into the Park. Last few shots and then a hearty breakfast at Mr Prata@Evans Road before coming home for a good nap!

The Hawaiian Murtabak: Chicken, Mushrooms, Pineapple & Cheese. Finish with Kopicno and Tehcino


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