Event Photography: Subaru Divalicious Driving Team

After a hectic weekend shooting a wedding (more on that later), Monday blues is threatening my mental well-being.  Really!  After teaching on Saturday and then drive up to Malaysia to cover a wedding is not exactly that “relaxing”, more so when one has to wake up pretty early just to get into Malaysia.  This event was also presented to me on a platter (thanks Ray!) so it was hard to give it up even though it was pretty last minute. Given that Subaru PR is doing their best as the Subaru Challenge is still on-going, pulling off a media day out with safety driving activity is really a logistical nightmare. Kudos to the Team.

Fast and Extremely Beautiful: Divalicious! SuAnne, Cheryl & Ziyi.

Cheryl Looks a bit like the Australian Actress Anna Torv, who plays Olivia Dunham in Fringe. They have already done rounds in Vietnam and Cambodia. More to come later!

Kenvin the Trainer. Nope, not modelling trainer, Drive Instructor. We have a good chat about All Wheel Drive Subaru Cars on Wet Surfaces while I doing the maneuvers. Not safe right? LOL.

So what’s going on? Subaru has formed an All Girls Driving Performance Team that consists of Cheryl, Su-Anne and Ziyi , three very, I would say, hot and gutsy girls I have not seen for the longest time.  My wife drives fast too so there is something about me and fast girls (of the positive type of course…hehehe).  I do have great subjects to take today fortunately with cars and very capable girls in front of the lens. What’s not helping was the rain. Imagine being drenched while still under cover of the roof. Check out the wet Polo T…

…I know what you guys are thinking. That’s not totally perspiration OK?!?! Nor is it saliva!!

Well since it was the Media Day, the reporters and media reps from around the region was at hand to interview the girls and have fun photographing the action on the bus bays…errr….track.

From Malaysia…

to Indonesia…

and even Chinese Taipei. Interview done in Mandarin!

In the Spotlight!

Comes with Great Music!

Before showing the car shots…more shots of the girls. I mean really, how many times I get to shoot pretty girls? (The audience answers: Goodness! You got a pretty wife and you dare say you don’t get to shoot pretty girls?)…errr…OK…hmmm…but but but….aiyah! On with the shots!

Su-Anne. I know a couple of Su-Annes. Including one still in Aussie!

Heart!! Drive!! (Heartdrive? Hard Drive…) Cheryl…

Call Zi Yi!

Self Portrait…Char Bor Style! Making full use of the gale wind for that dramatic effect.

I heard someone said, “gao liao lah!”…ok ok…the car shots!


Cheryl Doing The Lane Change.

Perfectly Executed J Turn by Su-Anne (I think)

Well, as the day got wetter, the mood just isn’t there anymore so it was cut short. So I wonder who was the best driver for the day? I am still wondering what the prize was.


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