Singapore Photography Interest Network. FOODIES: KOME Food Photography & Tasting Session

SPIN Foodies has now gone to the 3rd restaurant in just over a month. It seems that the word is getting around that we are a group of food people, hungry to get our stomach filled with good food and take photos of the food before its demise/digestion.  I mean where in the world can you work with a bunch of food lovers who would give you feedback on the food and then help you take photos good enough to be used as MENU?  That’s the premise of SPIN Foodies. We are here to give you feedback and photos in return for a chance to sample your food at a reasonable price (we are not out to make any restaurant bankrupt).

To join the group, head on to

KOME Restaurant is located at Keppel Club at Bukit Chermin and is helmed by Master Chef Yang Ming, a very friendly guy to work with.   He met us at the entrance of the restaurant and prepared the guest room for our use.  This is all the more significant when a group of gentlemen, amongst them was the ex-Speaker of Parliament Mr Tan Soo Koon.  Thanks for making us feel so special.

The Menu for the day was

  •     Sashimi
  •     Wagyu Beef Teppan or Chicken or Black Pork
  •     Prawns & Scallops Chizu
  •     Makimono
  •     Sushi 5 kinds
  •     Miso Soup
  •     Dessert Platter (Chestnut & Chocolate Mousse)

Next on the list are Marina Square’s Tasting Room and Heng Heng Curry Cafe.  Can’t wait for the sessions to come!

Here are the photos.


Baby Scallop with A Tinge of Chili Oil and Salad Dressing.

Hotplate Wagyu Beef with Sprouts

Hotplate with Black Pork

Prawns & Scallop Chizu


Special Dish…

The Set Up with Anthony Won.

After a Hearty Meal….Thanks MING!


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