INTRO Class Outing No. 8 + Sony Alpha 77 with Carl Zeiss Lens

Another Saturday was upon us and it is the weekly INTRO Class outing. Today I was joined by the Cheng Zhi, Seok Fern, Katherin, Mei Yee, Pauline, Thomas and Terence. Of course the KPC Crew Kevin Chua and Amanda.

Today’s Sunset is really gorgeous. Just have to take a 5 minute break to capture this (and hope the rest of the class can do the same)

The Super Pano 180 Degree of the Sunset View Today.

Had the honour to test out the SONY Alpha 77 EVF DSLR with the Carl Zeiss (Vario-Sonnar T* DT 16-80 F3.5-4.5) from Kevin Chua during INTRO Class today. This is out of camera, just resizing to 1600 on the long side to make it easier to upload. No Post editing.

In Camera Mono Processing

Skin Tone Test (all default settings)

My Conclusion:

a) The body is a serious work of art. It is way more ergonomic than Canon/Nikon that I have held as the right hand grip fits perfectly in a position that you would hold the camera to the face. It just makes it easier to plant the camera firmly and avoid unnecessary camera shake

b) The EVF did not give a lot of heartache though the default view mode is a tad too overwhelming in terms of information, focus boxes and other indicators (i put it to the owner’s own settings). Quite responsive as I move the camera but it took quite some time for it to come alive after I have taken the shot.  Something that is a no-no to me if I am using this as a sports photography camera. Slower subjects do not have much issues.

c) Color wise I am pleasantly surprised. They have improved alot since the last time I reviewed the A700 for Digital Life. Skin tone is something that I always look at. As compared to the x100 skin tone, it is a tad less vibrant but I guess it can be tweaked to one’s liking.

d) I do say that I have an excellent lens to work with as I do have with the A700. It is the Carl Zeiss. The sharpness, color, intensity, contrast and brightness even if it is a variable aperture zoom lens just makes the output that much more delicious. I am certainly not a fan of the SONY lens so matching the A77 with the SONY consumer lens won’t do the DSLR justice IMHO.

e) What I am constantly pissed off is that AF/MF that is next the to thumb jogger dial. My thumb usually would rest around the rear dial area and then I keep switching off the AF accidentally. I causes me to miss some shots until I have to press again.

More photos can be seen at [url=]WilzWorkz.Sony A77 Test – a set on Flickr[/url]


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