Holiday Shoot With the SPINNERS @ Punggol End

Goodness. 5.00 AM again. There are really things that photographers do just to get that elusive sunrise and sunset shots.  I just wondering how many people would join me to become a bit batty this holiday to catch Sunrise during the rainy monsoon season. Judging by the response from SPIN, pretty enthusiastic bunch.   Perhaps it was the hearty Murtabak Breakfast from Jalan Kayu or that great lunch-dinner from the famous Seletar Airbase Flying Club Buffalo Wings.

Brought the gang for a spin at the new coastal road linking Punggol to Yishun Dam.  A very relaxing drive with sun shining, clouds floating and that blue blue sky and sea just at your side, with the car window wound down, with the wind blowing into your hair.  I guess this spot would be a very special place for some whacky wedding studio shooting soon. How do I know? Just you wait…

As usual, the photos from activities today. Really kudos to those who went for both the sunrise and sunset. My eyes can hardly open now. What? 1 AM? Zzzzzz……

All thanks to God, the rain was threatening a huge down pour and all we got was this beautifully wet pavement that reflected the morning sun’s ray. Peace just comes into mind.


A Fiery Start to the day… but my eyes started to close voluntarily at 10AM.

Tanner, Rocky, Kevin Chua, eh….. , Simon Teo, Eva Yan Tong

The Coastal Road. It is called Seletar East/West

Stanly Wong: Siao Da Bor…&…

Siow Leng Long… I wonder how much Jetstar paid them…

Blue sky, Green water…bored photographers.

Ready to be Chicken Fed…

Exhibit 1: The Chicken is Rock and Rolling around their tongue….the fiery chicken add more spice to the fiery morning. We had 12 Level 0, 6 Level 1, 12 Level 2, 6 Level 3 and 6 Level 4. Note the lumpy lips.

Exhibit 2: The clearest evidence of the Fiery Buffalo Wings…look at Kevin Yeo’s Lips. Even Tanner’s a bit redder than usual.

Multiple Filters Set up: 1 x ND Filter, 1 x ND Graduated Filter,  1 x Blue Graduated Filter. 30″ Aperture F13

Multiple Filters Set up: 1 x ND Filter, 1 x ND Graduated Filter,  1 x Orange Graduated Filter

A Fiery Start and A Fiery End to the day…Gorgeous! Taken by the x100 Motion Panoramic. I realised that taking it landscape orientation got rid of the banding problem.

Now to send the photos back to Denise for the Church’s use.


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