Did You Know Last Friday….

….was 11 November 2011 or 11-11-11? Yes. I would guess that there are tons of other people who kept reminding you of that fact from emails to SMS and of course Facebook (and yes…WhatsApp etc etc). Yes a date perfect for the wedding and the same can be said of Jimmy and Pauline who are pronounced husband and wife at around 6.30pm and the ended their blessed day with the cruise around the southern side of Sentosa to the edge of Marina Barrage and then back again. What a treat for a photographer (me) and the videographer Alan (of Alan Studio) considering doing ROM on a catamaran the second time around (the first was with Albert and Puising over at Sydney Harbour Bay).  Here’s wishing them a long and fruitful life partnership!  And yes, I am going to shoot their wedding reception this coming Sunday.  Really happening weekend!

Prepping up for the big day…

…and the husband approves!


The husband tends to the bride.

Breezy Day?  We can ask the hubby…(he still puffing).

Oh the joy~!

Congratulations! …Now Twist!!

…They are still at it!


Cruising Through Sentosa Cove


Amazing End…and the amazing starts again at home 😛


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