A Quick Review of the Past Week.

It was really another hectic week, especially more so when I have to rush some work before my trip to Australia (which will happen in approximate in 6 hours). So why am I doing here?  Good question. I figure that if I don’t update the blog, then the events I have taken would have gone stale.  And I would really want to do this and then concentrate on getting my blog ready for the big updates on the Perth trip.  Here goes…

Thursday: International Crime Prevention Council. Done event photography with Eva Tong, Emily Leong and Jeremy.

Friday: Paid a visit to Art Science Museum to see the Titanic Exhibition (good show!).  Managed to catch some F1H2O action.  Went over to the Shoppes, have a look at Chow Yun Fatt’s photograph of waves crashing into a boulder. Very Ansel Adams like.  Checked out the LV boutique and won some cash. Splash on the extra cash on the Kraze Bulgogi Beef Burger (and seriously very crazy price too). Highly recommend the Wedges deep fried with garlic. Superb!

Went over to Monash Alumni AGM, then went over to cover the Laugh Off Asia Performance over at the Art House.

Saturday: LOMO Class + Intro class at Vivocity. Extremely tired by now.

Sunday: Jimmy and Pauline AD Wedding!

Monday: Meeting with business partners. More INTRO Courses coming soon! Manado Trip is pretty much confirmed.  Weekend Malaysia Trip will be super happening including village visits, nature shoots and more!

Tuesday: Meet up the fantastic guys over at Yahava Koffee (Coffee + Travel + Food Session coming up!). Prepare to go to Australia. Prep up the Manado trip at SPIN.Travel Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SPIN.Travel/doc/180741568682193/)

Some pictures from the last few days.

Entrance to the Titanic Exhibition.

Taken by Emily Leong.  What a great view of the Titanic!

The Kraze Burger I Bought using the Lucky Winnings 🙂 Thanks Emily!

Jimmy from The Philipines in Laugh Off Asia: Philipines vs. Singapore

The Comedians from Laugh Off Asia (minus some)

Claypot Rice from Fortune Yin Cha. Not bad at all.

Intro Class Outing at Vivocity

Jimmy & Pauline AD Wedding



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