Travel Thru’ The Lens: Western Australia Day 2: Fremantle

Breakfast at the hotel was certainly quite fast as we are going to do some fast shopping before going down to Fremantle.  First stop is to the hay street malls and we get ourselves into Target. Nothing much so I left promptly and then proceed to settle some personal finances at Westpac where I met a Singaporean Mary serving me. A good start I supposed 🙂

Michelle has to do some shopping so we went over to the Harbour Town Outlets. Quite big actually and I have gotten myself a T-shirt and Michelle got a larger haul and if not for the lack of time, we would have shopped more.   I got hauled up by the security guards for taking photos.  It is really an over reaction IMHO.

Harbour Town Factory Outlets. It is a Chain of Outlets that is also present at Adelaide, Gold Coast and Melbourne. 

Getting to Fremantle was fast and then checking into the Grand Esplande is really a treat. The esplanade has the facade of the old town hotel that you see in the western movies but has modern facilities that is really high class.  The interior is amazingly huge as the interior space is lighted through the glass roof making it even bigger than it already is.

Nice Facade.  Feels like doing high noon shoot out at the entrance LOL!

Nice room!

Before long, lunch time is upon us after the short walk around the environs surrounding Fremantle market and we would want to tuck into some good seafood and we went over to Cicerello’s with its promise that it is the best in WA.  Honestly it is more advertisment than substance. Perhaps we would be trying the competitor which is Kaili’s that is ‘voted’ the best (good thing we didn’t try as Shin Sen has said the quality has dropped as well. Money saved!). My advice for those visiting Fremantle and want so F&C Love?  Buy a set each from Cicerello and Kaili and have a nice picnic at the pier which are just behind the restaurants.  Want to know where’s the best F&C during the trip?  It will be revealed later.

The Fishery Port just next to the Seafood Restaurants

Just to show you how they work, 🙂

Cicerello’s Landing. The sea gulls are waiting for free food.

A bottle of beer and F&C. Best Combi!

Thinking what to do next the Marine Museum was just next to the eatery and we make a beeline for it. A good place to know the story of the Dutch East India Company is certainly refreshing when the British East India Company is featured prominantly in our history book. The centre piece of the museum is the wreck of Batavia, salvaged and then reconstructed for all to see. Majestic sight indeed.

A Mermaid Just Outside of the Maritime Museum.

A lot of Abandoned Anchors Lying Around. A lot of Wrecks?

The Batavia Wreck Reconstructed.  At the back is the bricks meant for Batavia Fort’s Entrance.

Fremantle being an old town has tons of things to take in.  There’s also the old jail complex that we visited at night. Creepy. Femantle being next to the sea is certainly the best place to take the sunset and today it doesn’t disappoint as we took huge number of snaps of the sunset. Now we just hope that Albany will provide the same when we reach there tomorrow.

News about the Margaret River bush fires has just reached us from Tourism Western Australia. Just pray that the trip to the wine region won’t be hampered.

For more info:

Fremantle Visitor Centre:
Esplande Hotel Fremantle:

More Shots from Fremantle:

Bus trams tours. For those who don’t really like walking around town.

Fremantle High Street where the main activities are.

Donuts Van.

The Market starting to set up for the weekend markets

The Historical Building Hotel. On Sale. To Australians Hotel=Bar so I wonder are they doing real hotels or bar.

The Young Ones on a school trip and yes it is hot!  They are really dressed to the nines to do some shopping (they even have shopping bags!)

Fantastic Sunset

Silhouette Shot of the word ‘Perth’ Against the Sunset.

The Fremantle Goal just look creepy at night. The Terrace where some of the prison officer stayed is even creepier.  I was approaching one of the houses where a sudden gust of cold wind cause my hair to stand on attention. The next thing I know I am back into the light.

Let’s end the night on a high note.


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