Travel Thru’ The Lens: Western Australia Day 3: Fremantle to Albany

The morning at Fremantle is greeted by a cool breeze and a welcome respite from the heat from the last two days. Breakfast was at Fremantle Bake House, a nice little cafe that serves a fantastic scones that comes with a cup of fragrant coffee latte.

Fremantle Bakehouse and what did we get for breakfast?…

…The SUPERB Scones. Reminds me of those I had at the Dandenong’s Pie In the Sky Cafe.  However the best coffee goes to…

…The Black Cherries Espresso. Ze Besto In the Business! Thanks Tim for the fantastic coffee!

However my vote for the best coffee (even for my life) is the coffee stall inside of the Fremantle Market.. The Black Cherries Espresso deserves a recommendation and of the highest praise as the well blended coffee has given the buzz that has been missing for the longest time in Singapore (which incidentally mean that the coffee in Singapore is seriously lacking in flavour and ommph). A short tour around the market, a great doughnut filled with dark chocolate and raspberry jam and a sushi roll later, we went for another walk around the pier, taking in the sights of the replica ships Endeavour and Leeuwin and the round house before moving on to Albany.

The Market Entrance just before it opens for the day.

Fresh Fruits Galore. But the juice at AUD$5 is a bit too expensive…

Don’t like Fruits? Chocolates perhaps?

Souveniors for your Doors

This leather shop sells a lot of belts. It is so good that a Singaporean tourist came back after 10 years to get another one. It is that good? Just get one!

Hand Made Resin pens. Beautiful and one of a kind.

The Leeuwin II

The Decomissioned Submarine. Impressive!

Good Bye to Fremantle…

The Beach House at the Bay is certainly a welcome sight after a 5 hour drive. It may look like a typical home from the outside but the Beach House Hotel/Resort exudes a homely and comfortable feel that is usually missing from hotels and resorts during the holidays. The room is spacious, comfortable and with the jacuzzi waiting for you to dip in, this is certainly a highlight of the whole trip.  Did I mention about the welcome desert left on the table? Nice touch!

The Beach House @ Bayside. Wonderful place and great thanks to Sally and her family!

So Comfy…the Jacuzzi tub is just behind the TV…dip dip..

Oh what do we have here? Welcome Dessert!

Another One on the following day! Sally’s mum can have her own cake shop!

At the recommendation of Beach House’s Sally, we went over to Squid Shack’s for its Seafood Platter for two. It is done to absolute perfection. The  squid rings with the salt and pepper starts filling up the mouth once the chewing starts. The shark meat, fish and chips are prepared wonderfully with light batter that is crispy on the outside and certainly fresh and flaky on the inside. If the crown of W.A.’s best fish and chips has to be presented during our trip, Squid Shack will be at the top of the list. The dinner was topped off with the juicy fresh oysters with added zest from the squeezed lemon. Satisfied!

Take note of the trading hours. Last orders 7pm? Wow! That’s how good their business is!  You will know why…

Fresh, succulent and bursting with immense flavour! Good call Michelle!

Whiting, Shark (yes…shark!), Sotong (with salt and pepper) and Chips. Why didn’t I go back for lunch?

A good dose of vinegar adds to the ziinngggg….

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