Need A Comedy Break? Head On To Karma Komedians

It was really a struggle trying to complete the 10 day blog entries for the recent trip to Western Australia. Guess I do need a break and talk abit about something else.  Just got a What’sApp call from Shawn requesting pictures from Laugh Off Asia Singapore versus Philipines show down that was done just prior my departure from Singapore. Coming to 4 weeks and I really to buck up on passing them the photos. BUT….he needs it by tonight so that the pictures can be shown on Business Times. Ah…added motivation.  So what’s the occasion?

BT as we affectionately call the local business newspaper, wanted the photos for their upcoming Gig. Before I go on, why don’t we call business newspaper like The Shenton Business Daily, Shenton Times or The Shenton after the main throughfare of the central business district.  I mean after we produces so many scholars in Singapore, the best that we can do is Business Times?  I know, there is another paper that is not so new (10 years and older) and it calls itself The NEW Paper. I mean, NEW?  How about the G-Paper since it gossips quite a lot from sensational news. Maybe the GS-paper because of its good soccer coverage.  Nah won’t work…it would get sensored immediately.  Why? GS = G-Spot?

Oh…and there’s another one…MY Paper.  People would think it comes from Malaysia.  At least The Straits Times has some historical relevance to call it that because we were once part of the Straits Settlements.

Ok back to the main topic. BT would be running a piece of my friends’ comedy night aptly named Karma Komedians. Nope, it does not involve Hindus or Buddhists and certainly we are not chanting jokes.  It is a bunch of people, and one Indian coming from Hong Kong who speaks fluent Cantonese I’ve heard. So it would be a weird night. Good thing the Indians, and one Pakistani, have a more complex spoken language than Chinese. Pulling Chinese off their mouths would be easier.  It seems like Indians speak with everything moving, including their tongues that has extra dexterity.  This promises to be a great night out while I cover the event.

Looks like another hectic Weekend.

– Thursday: Digital Camera INTRO Class + Avea Corp Warehouse Sale
– Friday: Karma Komedians
– Saturday: LOMO Camera Class + Pasir Ris Elias Photo Interest Club X’mas Party + Luminous Lion/Dragon Dance at Toa Payoh
– Sunday: Practical Outing for Digital Camera + Film Camera + LOMO Cameras

For more information:

Avea Warehouse Sale: Camera Stuff, Gadget Accessories + Ladies Clothes 6 Harper Road, #03-01 10.30am to 7.00pm
Comedy Masala:
Karma Komedians:
Singapore Photography Interest Network (Events and Happenings) :
Pasir Ris PIC:

Some photos


Umar: The Pakistani Host. He sure CAN…

The Comedy Crew from Comedy Masala: Jinx, Rishi, Shawn (Producer), Tim, Umar, Fakkah Fuzz, GB Labrador (not bad, got a Park named after him here) and Ruffy


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