Travel Thru’ The Lens: Western Australia Day 5: Albany to Karri Valley Resort

Morning starts with the sun rise at the beach just outside the Beach House.  We went unto a platform that peeks out of the trees and shrubery between and the beach and the beach house and took some amazing sunrise shots. After the hearty meal (again and I am not complaing), we went over to the market that was organised at the port head over at the Albany town.  It was small but the locals treat it with an atmosphere of a fun carnival. There are a few stalls that sells the local produce, a mobile coffee stall, sorbet ice cream using locally grown fruits and it was refreshing under the heat of the scorching sun.  Reluctantly, we made bid our farewell to Albany and make our way to the Karri Valley Resort which is near Pemberton and between Margaret River and Albany.

Our hearty breakfast. Superb and I am lacking in superlatives for The Beach House.  Time to say goodbye.

The Main Street is quiet on a Sunday morning…because they are at the market just at the seafront.

Fresh Produce

Local wines.

Fresh Sorbets from the local fruits. Heavenly!

There’s even a live band to entertain!

Another cup of “Pick Me Ups” from the back of a van!

Too much Caffeine? Juice round the corner.
Along the journey we made a detour to the Valley of the Giants over at Walpole, the place to go to one of the highest tree top walks of over 600 metre long and a real treat to see the oldest trees in the area at its very canopy.  The walk also links to the Empire of Ancients  boardwalk to admire the trees up close at the roots that are at least 400 years old.

Along the way we got to this shop that sells honey – Bartholomew’s Meadery. We had a great honey ice-cream and honey wine tasting.

The start of the tree top walk. If you think that the Singapore’s Tree Top walk is high, then I suggest not to take this route.

Don’t look down!

The Walk to Empire of the Ancients.

We all get through the tree easily. That’s how big the root system is.

A measurement of size. And this is one of the smallest.

At last we made it to Karri Valley Resort which is made up of chalets and a block of rooms, is located at site of a man made lake.  The lake is not really big but is well used by the wild birds of the area and present an avid photographer opportunities to shoot nature, of landscape and its inhabitants, at its best.  The Karri Trees around the resort and the mirror like lake gives out a peaceful aura that presented a great escape from the hustle of city life much like the time I had at Tasik Kenyir in Malaysia.  The rooms itself looks out to the lake with the balcony hanging over the lake where the ducks and other creatures swim freely under the rooms, providing a unique touch to the place.

We arrived in one piece! Just in time for sunset.

The sun rays peeks over the tree tops and created this scene the golden glow on the top and the rest of the tree are in the shadows. The reflection caps the beautiful scene off nicely.

Oh…great to see the bed…and the wild life is just outside and room is above the water. Unique!

As the resort if far away from the town with Pemberton a good 30+ km away, eating at the resort’s restaurant is the only option but it presents good gourmet food during our visit.

Stuffed Chicken…yummy!

Lamb…even more yummy!

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