Travel Thru’ The Lens: Western Australia Day 10: King’s Park + Swan Valley

This would be the second last day in Western Australia and we still have some more shopping to do. Top of the list are the honey liquor and sparkling wine that came highly recommended.  I am also on the hunt for some good ole Port Wine which cooks great with any red meat. There is also the famous glass bridge at King’s Park. As the King’s Park is just next to the City Centre, we made a bee line for it before the sun gets too hot.

King’s Park may not sound like much but it houses the Giant Boab tree.  This tree has journeyed over 3200km from the Kimberly region in the North to Perth City and is the oldest tree being transported across land.  There’s a sign that speaks of the journey.

The Giant Boab. This tree was transported from the North end of Western Australia to the

The entrance to the glass bridge: The Lotterywest Federation Walkway.

The view from the Walkway

The Walkway from the gardens

Images from King’s Park. The Bali Bombing memorial. It has been 9 years.

Margaret River do have its fair share of great wines but Perth’s Swan Valley is another alternative if the trip to Western Australia is a short one.  The best place to ask around would be the visitor centre over at Guilford. From there the friendly staff will point to the wineries that would be of interest to the visitor.

Visitor Centre at Guildford.

Beautiful Flowering Trees alongside the Grape Vines

Talijancich Port Wines. Full bodied with OMMPH!

Hot days = Cool Ice Cream. Oggies may not look like much but I really missed its Ice Cream right now!

Taylor’s Art & Coffee House: Photographers’ and Coffee Lover Gem in the Swan Valley. The local’s favourite.

A wacky mixture of modern and retro furniture greets the patrons. And it feels homely.

The sisters enjoying the place.

The German Wine Cake. The Hot Chocolate. The Super Creamy Latte. Now Salivate!

King’s Park Fraser Avenue. Sunset and Half Crescent Moon. A nice end to the day and the trip to Western Australia. Will definitely go back again, especially Albany and Margaret River.

For more information:

King’s Park:
Swan Valley:
Takijancich Port Wine:
Taylor’s Art & Coffee House:


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