Travel Thru’ The Lens: Western Australia Day 6 : Karri Valley Resort to Margaret River

By day 6, the bush fire around Margaret River was under control and most roads around the area are open for use. Before we headed down to Margaret River, we drop by the Beleedup Waterfall near to the Karri Valley Resort. There’s an option to do a short 50min round trip hike to the waterfall but decided to save some time by driving.  Judging by the number of wild life we have encountered during the sunrise shoot session, the trail will present an avid trekker and photographer more flora and fauna to capture while on the way to the waterfall.

The beautiful morning mist of the lake with the Karri Trees as the back drop. I was going to shoot when a duck started its journey from the back of the scene to the front. I just hold the shutter until it flew out of my viewfinder. Awesome shot. Fantastic start to the day!

The Beededup waterfall is not huge but it still commands a presence and took some time to admire the place.  After a few snaps, we made our way to Margaret River.

Darby Park service apartments welcomed us at Margaret River town. With downpour eminent and to ensure that we have enough information about the area, we decided follow the plan but to hang around the town and enquire at the visitor information center on the possible places to visit. Since we are also residing at the apartment with a kitchen, we went over to Coles supermarket nearby cook some dinner.

Very luxurious Accommodation! Thanks to Darby Park Apartments.

For more information:

Beedelup Waterfalls:
Darby Park Apartments – Margaret River:



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