Travel Thru’ The Lens: Western Australia Day 7 : Margaret River – Caves, Lighthouses, Wine + Chocolates

The day started off with the sun rise shot over at Cape Leuwin. With the clouds providing the dramatic backdrop, we have the work cut out for us to get the shots that we wanted. It did not come easy as the lighthouse is not opened at 4am in the morning and we have to find ways to shoot the lighthouse without the fence getting in the way.

Gusty winds. Drizzle. 4am. Worth it!

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Commanding Presence

Our next few stops includes the Jewel Cave and Lake Cave both of which promises good subjects for the lens. Jewel cave is the largest cave in the Margaret River region and it is easy to see why. The chamber itself is easily around 8 floors high and provides a glimpse of what is really in store in the caves.

Jewel Cave Entrance

Jewel Cave Interior. Huge and Majestic.

Lake Cave Interior. Called Lake cave because of the presence of water but the water table is slowly diminishing.

Lake Cave is the one that provides the most majestic entrance with a gapping hole in the ground formed because of the collapse of the chamber that allows the interior to be shown to the world.  The climb down is at least 10 levels deep and we still have some way to go from the entrance to chamber with the underground water pool.

Being in Margaret River, the other attraction would be the shopping for wines, nougat and chocolate.  We did some wine tasting and toured some vineyards. Next is the famous Margaret River Chocolate Factory where myrid varieties of chocolates can be found in one place. I did settle for a chilli chocolate and took a rest with a white chocolate milk drink and a chocolate cheese cake both of which are heavenly.

Picturesque Vineyard. Seen everywhere in Margaret River.

The Famous Margaret River Chocolate Factory. Heaven for chocolate lovers.

Just a small section of the offerings.

Chocolate Cheese Cake. Smooth and light.

Chocolate Overdose. Hot White Chocolate Milk.

Time quickly pass by and it was already sunset. By then the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is closed for the day and we did some trekking around the grounds to capture the sunset.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Sunset At Cape Naturaliste

For more information:
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Margaret River Chocolate Factory:


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