Travel Thru’ The Lens: Western Australia Day 8: Margaret River to Busselton Pier to Perth

Busselton was our next stop after bidding farewell to Margaret River.  Busselton Jetty is the main tourist attraction here as it is the small town has the longest pier in the southern hemisphere and it took us a good 15-20 minutes to walk from the shore to the underwater observatory.  The jetty is a good magnet for both tourists and locals and the long walk gave a great kaleidoscope of the life on and underneath the waters.  The underwater observatory may not look like much when we arrive but once inside, the acrylic windows in the cylindrical structure provides a colourful glimpse of the underwater world with schools of fish swimming idyllically around the corals.  This is the next best thing after donning diving equipment just to be amongst the fish. A must go in my book.

This is just the tip of the long jetty.

Getting On The Jetty. Sense the distance yet?

Seabirds in the midst of the emerald and clear waters of Busselton.

Makes you want to jump in as well!

A Few More!

A fantastic view of the Busselton beach.

It was a long walk…

At last, the end is near…

The Observatory. Watching the fish 5 floors down to the bottom without getting wet.

Teeming with life.

Colours on Show.

Our Ride Back

The Locals Enjoying the Beach…

Mind the Warnings Though.

One Last Look

On the way to back to Perth.

For more information:

Busselton Jetty:


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