Travel Thru’ The Lens: Western Australia Day 9: Tour to the Pinnacles

Today is the day we can just get on a bus and let the tour guide do the driving and talking.  It is really a good way to jus relax and enjoy the journey.  We got on the tour bus to the depot and then got unto a 4WD tour bus converted from a truck. Interesting.  First stop was the Caversham Wildlife Park where we got up close and personal with the unique wildlife of Australia from Kangaroos, Koalas and even the Wombat. Very cuddly indeed.

That’s our ride. The converted truck tour bus with 4WD capabilities.

Caversham Wildlife Park: With the Wombat. The one sleeping on her lap.

The Ubiquitous Kangaroo

Still slumbering

If you are into seafood, then the tour to the Lobster Shack at Cervantes where we see how lobsters are captured, processed and then pack it for the overseas clients is a must-go. We get to even try the crayfish on top of our picnic lunch.

On Arrival

Segregating the Crayfish to size and grade for the overseas market


…After. No sauce and certainly no chilli. Just sweet meat by itself.

The next stop is to the Pinnacles where limestone pillars and solidified tree trunks littered the landscape, presenting to the visitor a awesome sight to behold as though we just stepped unto Mars and  and there was hundreds of them throughout the landscape. It was a weirdly interesting landscape that will be great fodder for any picture taking.

The Pinnacles View. Grandeur at a Glance.

Bob explaining about the calcified tree trunk

We arrived at the last attraction of the tour at Lancelin a small fishing village about 2 hours drive from Perth. The most famous thing about Lancelin is its sand. I know beach and sand are synonymous but they have so much of it, it looks like we just go off the bus and trapped in the middle of the Sahara Desert. What do you do when you have tons of sand that are at least 50m high? It is time to do some sand surfing.  The day ended extremely exhausted but it was fun right to do end. We celebrate by having the best Dinner we have in the Korean Restaurant we passed by on the first day in town.

Doing the rounds around the dunes.

My Rides…

Zooming pass

Blue skies and White Sands

What a view…and what a height!

Our playground


Pan Fried Dumplings and it’s HUGE…

Famous Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup. Great tasting without the oily after taste.

For more information:

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Caversham Wildlife Park:
Lobster Shack:
Took Bae Kee Korean Restaurant:


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