Tourism Western Australia Request for Pictures

How should I say this?  My photos are great except that the people subject that are in the shots are not photogenic enough (LOL). But really, it was more of a documentary type of shots than those polished advertisements you see in mass media. Still, as my slogan has shown, give Glory To God one photo at a time. Even half a photo is not bad at all. At least it was used and that means the location I chose is at least good enough for people to use it.  Like I said, the pictures are not location model (talent) shots ala Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar glamorous so  I am curious too how it would turn out.

So I said yes. Go ahead and do something to my shots and then place the advertisements in Tiger Airways!  If you are traveling in the next couple of months using the Tiger Air Service, do help me bring a copy back :).

Alright these are the images. I wonder what they will do with it.

Perhaps a more babelicious girl jumping. A Star jump into the sea? Wait…that’s Jetstar.

Erase this guy and someone did a more dramatic jump?

Ah. This I can picture. Babe by the sign.


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