Product Review: Veho SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit

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There are a deluge of bluetooth headsets that are around and most commonly seen are those that are plug into your ears. Some may like it, some don’t.

For those who feel that putting something foreign into your ear canal is a serious case of sodomy, perhaps the Veho SAEM is the god send you are looking for.

Not much bigger than your iPhone, the SAEM comes with a clip for easy installation unto the sun visor. It also have a phone receive icon, volume control and an automated motion sensor. The SAEM is able to detect any physical body that comes into close proximity to it (about 10 meters) and then attempt to automatically link up with your phone.

The ability to detect bodies would allow it to automatically power on or off the unit as and when it is needed. With this function, the unit is able to last for a very long time with battery life up to 32 hours talk time, 66 days on standby and up to 2 years standby in sleep mode.

During the test of the unit, the SAEM is able to detect my phones (2 of them simultaneous use) when i entered into the car cabin. It can even connect up to 8 devices.

Call quality was good in the cabin as I conducted conversations without any breakage in communication. The SAEM is said to be able to eliminate wind noise (good for the covertibles) and reduce echo through automatic volume control. If there’s a need to charge the gadget, it is able to take the mini-USB while on the road so finding a charger using the mini-USB plug is certainly easier as it is easily available.

And the best part is that I do not need to go into the phone to establish a link up. So long the phone’s Bluetooth radio is switched on, the SAEM will do all the linking up, saving a lot of hassles as you rush from one location to another.

All in the SAEM is a good investment if one is in the car most of the time and rushing to meet clients. With its long standby time and energy saving features, the SAEM will be something to consider if one is constantly on the phone while driving.

The Veho SAEM is retailing at SGD99.00


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