Flash & Studio Workshop

It has been almost 2 years since I did a Flash and Studio workshop for the Pasir Ris Elias Photography Interest Club. During this time, I was able to get a mobile studio set for the SPIN members to rent it out but I was quite concerned about their experience in handling the gear so training the members has been in my head for some time.

So a quick poll in the SPIN Facebook page (http://groups.to/SPIN) led to a quick sign up of 20 people.  There are a few new faces around but I am still wondering what happened to the INTRO Class graduates.  Perhaps they are waiting for the Basic Manual Training Class to start?  I guess I would have to send another EDM to the cohort sometime next week after my trip back from Hong Kong.

Anyway, the first class started off last Saturday with tips on On-Camera flash use, how to use modifiers for events etc and of course explaining how to use the Studio set up.  It was a flurry of activity in the 3 hours with shoots and 2 models using two different set ups.

By the end of the workshop, most of them do have a gist of what is going on and judging by the photos posted in SPIN, they do have some great shots. Of course practice makes perfect and I hope they understand what flash to use in the future.

I will also be conducting a workshop for small blogshop owners and entrepreneurs who are keen to save some money in photography by using simple tools and the compact camera.  You will be surprised how a compact camera can and do produce professional looking results with simple set ups.  For those with DSLRs, I will cover those as well!

For those who are interested to do a Studio Workshop and any other workshops, do contact me for more information.

Busy Teaching: Using the Light Meter

Explaining Bouncing. Photo taken by Listya (hopefully trying out bouncing)

Trying out flash with Defuser. Shot taken by Tanner Tan.

Samuel Doing the Pose using One Hexagonal Lightbox. Photo taken by Tanner Tan

Now taken by Athena Tan. 

A Great Shot of Jonathan By Mary Tan. Will be better if she crop the corner away! LOL!  Was showing how snoot is used.


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