Travel Photograph Talk on Western Australia

Under the auspices of Tourism Western Australia, and Yahava Koffeeworks, I will be conducting a travel photography talk on the not-so-recent trip to Western Australia with

For those who are a bit clueless, my most recent trip is to Hong Kong (

I suppose to write a piece about the recent conquest in the land of the retail heaven for my photography stuff but I thought it better to dwell on the talk more so that I can get the messages out sooner.

And why a travel talk and hold it at Yahava?  I guess a good travel talk should be done in an environment that is conducive to a light, friendly and welcoming atmosphere where I can keep smelling coffee beans to keep myself awake (and yes the double shot espresso would help as well).

Furthermore, Western Australia is where Yahava hails from and it would be a nice place to talk about WA here.

Since it is a cafe, I decided to throw in food photography session with Yahava’s Coffee and cake. What’s more there will be a Coffee appreciation talk by the Yahava staff.  Tourism Western Australia is also sponsoring door gifts for the 30 participants who would be coming. And the door gifts will be distributed out like lucky draw gifts so it would be more fun this way!

And one lucky winner gets to have a 70 x 100 cm poster to bring home.

All these for a mere $55 ? I think it is really a bargain!

If you are interested to know more do go to the Facebook event page at

To register for the talk do follow instructions as per registration form

If you have trouble doing Internet Banking, the alternative is to use Paypal system using my online shop over at (do remember to choose ‘self collection’ at checkout)

If you do have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to call me at 91502799 or email me back at

To download & print this brochure please visit:


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