My Hong Kong Shopping ‘Booty’

I know using the word ‘Booty’ is wrong (go check definition) but I was like a pirate plundering the camera shops to check out the latest items. Of course not just camera shops but any shops that sells things that fancies me.  This blog post is a low down on what I have bought and where I have bought it for the benefit of those who are going to do some ‘plundering’ as well.

Aluminium Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S2

After Apple iPhone 4 has that dreaded antenna issue, they have no choice but to come out with a rubber bumper to prevent the palm from connecting the metal antenna that acts as the casing to prevent a drastic drop in signal reception.  The result of having the bumper is that people start to realise that the bumper can be a better alternative to the normal types of casing as it exposes the rear and so one can vent out the heat build up. Of course iPhone do not allow anyone to touch the interior unlike the Androids and this is one reason I bought this so that I can change batteries or access to the microSD card easier.  I have actually saw a super bulky design of the aluminium bumper for the S2 at Suntec City and was very close to buying it until wifey says, “we are going to Hong Kong you know?” Of course I know. Other than the Baby Milo (later), this is the other item I was peeling my eyes for.

Honestly despite the fact that Hong Kong is also a techie heaven, they are also pro-iPhone in a lot of ways like Singapore. The number of casings for Androids versus iPhone is 5:1 or even worse. Imagine the time spent at nearly all the handphone accessories shops flipping through cases after cases and turned out empty handed. I nearly hit jackpot at 新の城 and it has a casing that is not as nice as this. Seems like the proprietress knows how rare this item is and charge me a whopping SGD60 for it. Of course I did not bite.

And so my hunt continues and this aluminium bumper was actually quite close to the shop to where I got my studio accessories over at Apliu Street (鴨寮街)And the best part was that it comes in this metallic orange that is even rarer to have in anywhere I have seen. I promptly got this.  This bumper may actually widen the phone by about 10mm more and some people may not like it but I find it much easier to hold and it retains back the slim profile so pocketing is not tough too.  In comparison, my the other aluminium casing comes with a rubber housing and it thickens the phone and makes it feels cheaper IMHO (but I got 3 of those…I know- crazy) It is so good I went back to buy the gun metal grey version of it.

Generally this is the best buy for me for the trip so much so even the lady at the handphone accessories shop in Funan and her customer also find it ‘atas’, well made and make the phone not as plasticky.  I got it at SGD29. By the time if imported into Singapore it would be in the $50s. Similar iPhone ones is already $46.

Keying LED Light Panel

You may be wondering how I lighted the phone. Introducing the Keying LED Light Panel which I bought around S$66 also at Apliu Street. It is quite similar to the Yongnuo LED light panel except for the fact that this panel’s light intensity can be controlled by a keychain remote controller. A bit of convenience I would say.  Below is the set up and the set that comes with it.  Something like this would be close to S$100.00.

It comes with 3 colour gels with a translucent matte ones for added effect and/or white balance.  The handle is to use the LED Panel as a off camera panel.

Yongnuo FSK 2.4Ghz Transceiver Wireless Triggers

I already have a set of wireless triggers for my speedlites. However why I spend at total of S$80 for 4 of these is because it is that good.  Why is that so?  Each of the receiver can act as a trigger for the flash and also the trigger for the studio strobe. That’s not all. When the trigger is in the hotshoe and one connects the trigger to the shutter release control, one can use another unit to trigger the shutter AND the flash as well!

So the potential for me is that I will put one in the hotshot with trigger control, one using a sync cord to trigger the Studio Strobes (that means 3 lights) and the other 2 will be my my speedlites making it a total of 5 lights for creative use. What’s more at each of the receiver, I can trigger my camera as well from a distance.  Complete control made easy.  And it comes with FSK (frequency shift keying modulation) at 2.4GHZ so the chance of any radio frequency interference is being limited.

Hexagonal Lightbox for Speedlites (something akin to Aurora Firefly)

For those who has the Firefly lightbox will know how it can be set up.  The only thing I am not comfortable is that the umbrella hub stops right in front of the flash and it actually diminishes the output of the flash itself.  So when I saw this China brandless version being sold at S$40, I like it as the umbrella has a hole for which the flash could enter and can either face back into the umbrella or to the front unhindered thereby not wasting any flash output.  Generally it is cheap and easy to deploy like opening up the umbrella and then put it on the bracket and stuck the flash in.

Oitez In Car Video Camera Slim Design

The thing about in car video cam is that it is an insurance. But the thing is that despite the fact you got footage, the insurance company don’t use it as evidence to fight your case and that personally pisses me off so I did not get the video camera until I got wind that took my suggestion about a year ago and it implemented a premium discount to those who has a video cam in the car so that they can be used against the claimants if the fault is not with driver with the video cam. At last someone actually reward us for actively protect our rights as ‘victims’ if the one whom we banged actually swerved into our lane and they are the ones that cause the accident in the first place.  So I was on the look out for a good video cam that is at least HD-Ready and this is the answer. It has a slim design and do have a video monitor at the back of the camera so you can see where you pointing the camera at.  The only thing I do hate was the disco light at the side when it is switched on and it only comes in this horrible blue. No matter, it was cheaper than cameras in Singapore that has 720 HD-Ready at S$120.

Baby MILO Revoltech

The other rare stuff I got while in Hong Kong is the Bathing Ape x Revoltech Yamaguchi: Baby Milo. Super long title! This figurine is slowly gaining cult status like the DanBoard and Yotsuba Figurine and everywhere online it is sold out or still on pre-order status (that means they can’t get stock). Even in Hong Kong SINO centre when I see it, it was not tagged with price because someone has reserved it. So I actually got this at a slight premium (around $10-15) at one shop that has only ONE for sale.  Even that it took me a good 5 min to weigh the pros and cons but I decided to get it as the Yotsoba figurine was nowhere to be seen (there is a big amazon Danboard though).  After I bought it, I was really glad I did it. I guess the ‘collectors’ market’ for this would be much  much higher.

There are of course other stuff that I bought but it would be a surprise for those who goes outing with me and you will get to see them. But for now these are best that I have got for this trip alone. The next trip would be for the Fujifilm XPRO2. Be assured!

Shops I Visited:

Studio Stuff: Fu Li Tat Electronics Limited, 176 Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po MTR Exit A2 turn left
Filters: Ying Kee,  162 Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po MTR Exit A2 turn left
Car Auto Accessories: Auto Fans Company, 256 Apliu Street Sham Shui Po MTR Exit C2 turn right
Comics/Figurines: SINO Centre

I do suggest certain places to go/read:

a) Man Shing or Wing Shing:
b) Follow roland’s advice:
c) Apliu Street for Camera Accessories: Fu Li Dat Electronics No. 176 or Ying Kee No. 162
d) Follow Apture advice:

Generally Apliu Street has a better shopping experience than the main tourist places like Mongkok.  But do note that Apliu Street only opens from 12pm till 8pm so one can visit Apliu in the day and then Mongkok/Ladies Street/Temple Street (in terms of priority) at night.


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