Second Flash & Studio Workshop + Mr Choo Meng Foo’s Talk

Over the weekend I did the second Flash & Studio Intro Class for the SPINNERS and this time it involves Ben Wong, TJ, Joanna, Michelle G, TJ, Mr Chin, Fuad, Azi, Michelle C, Nicole Ooi & Eng Bieu.  This time round I got cut to the chase and give a much faster class than the previous ones with more time for them to practise the two setups: Wireless Speedlites with Hexagonal Lightbox and Mobile Studios.

The output from the participants are quite good despite being the first time playing with flash in this manner and I hope they had a great time learning.  We will be doing more of this on Friday as we visit Boat Quay, Empress Place and the Padang. If you are interested to join us, please click on to

Here are some shots from the class. From total newbies to studio shooters. Not bad at all.

Taken by Fuad Hassim

Taken by Fuad Hassim (Low Key)

Taken by Fuad Hassim (Low Key 2)

Taken by Ben Wong (am I really that serious?)

I promise you. They are really a fun bunch.

On Sunday the Pasir Ris uncles and some of the SPIN members went to a talk by Mr Choo Meng Foo ( a multi award photographer giving us some great tips on Photography. I arrived late but in time to observe his stare exercise. I did it before. It was uncomfortable but I realised that it was the key way to get people comfortable with you during street photography. The more your eyes avert, the more the subject gets uncomfortable.  This is a sure fire way to have a great relationship with your subject.

The next thing we did was actually timing. Feel your camera. I guess a lot of people do not feel their camera. It is like understanding where your clutch will engage in your car and when you get used to it, you’ll understand when to take the picture instinctively and not miss the moment.

Thanks Mr Choo for sharing with us your intimate knowledge.

Mr Choo signing his books. A light hearted moment!

Nicole the Ballet Dancer letting us try our Shutter Finger’s timing.



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