Travel Talk, Being in Debt, Escape to Ubin & Getting A Laugh Doing It

Been a few days since I have last updated. So today or tonight, it will be just a small news on what’s going to happen.

Going to Do It: Travel Talk on Western Australia

First up is my preparation for the Travel Photography talk this coming Saturday over at Yahava Koffeeworks ( Sensing that the cost is a bit prohibitive, I have decided to talk to Yahava about dropping the coffee appreciation talk and that piece of cake.

So right now it is a more palpable $30. Thanks guys!

And on top of that, I have printed out the poster from the trip of Western Australia and one lucky gal or guy will have something to hang on their wall (or give it away!). Do join us so you stand a chance to win this limited edition (yes very very limited…I printed only 2 this time round and maybe only this time) poster.

During the talk I won’t be just talking about the place but give tips on what to bring, what to do, places to go to, how to approach the shots at the place and many more practical tips that you won’t get to read in books or other seminars.

Nice little big poster…

Looking Forward: Photoshoot for Credit Counselling Singapore

One of the goals I have set for SPIN ( is to encourage members to use their photography skills to help the less fortunate. Credit Counselling Singapore ( is a charity promoting the responsible usage of credit through education. For those that has problems paying, they are the one doing their best to help the debtor to get out of debt by being the mediator between the banks and debtor.

As they are a charity, the money they do have is usually reserved to keep the place running. So I decided to  help them out by doing some studio portraiture and corporate shots for their website.

All SPIN members are welcomed to help out and also to learn some photography skills along the way. To gain more information do go to our Facebook page ( If you are not a member, just request to join and me or one of the administrator will approve you. And yes it is free of charge!

Looking back…Pulau Ubin

The last weekend was the INTRO Practical training weekend and so I think it was nice for us to get away to take some shots of Ubin. Not much people this time round with only a couple of us making the trip so teaching the guys will be simpler and because the trip was longer, I gave more practical tips and exercises than normal. The Pasir Ris Elias group however got on the island in the morning and was attended by around 12 of them (if I remember correctly).

Jasmine doing her cutey thingie again. The rest are shooting a yellow spider.

One of the spiders we took along the way. Seen a lot of them since I got to know Ubin.


Road side flowers galore.

Shiying & Michelle…I know…very shag~

The trip should be quite straightforward. I have never been to the Northern part of the island so the plan was to go to Noordin beach. Gosh it was a humid day. The sun was not hot but judging by the tan that I got, the UV was particular strong.  Well back to Noordin. We took around an hour and a half to get there and we practiced as we walked. By the time we reach there, it was one word: disappointment or disgusting. If it is two: disgustingly disappointed.  It was a beach full of  junk! I wonder how in the world this can be a campsite in the first place. Furthermore the beach is fenced up by these horrific wooden structures that is a total eye sore.  I mean to fend off illegal immigrants is one thing but to  do it in such a crude manner is totally uncalled for.  Trust bureaucrats to protect the environment?

We didn’t stay long and got ourselves a ride to the Chek Jawa wetlands ( .  At least we did some shots there and before we know it, 6pm was upon us and we continue our shoot at the Ubin Village before heading back home to have a fantastic Japanese Pasta over at Changi City Point.

Things people do for photography

Capturing the Lomo in a tin can.

On the way back


Looking Back 2: Comedy Masala No. 75

Comedy Masala is one of those  ‘happenings’  given to me by God. Yes the jokes can be raunchy but all in the name of good fun. I do like to have a good time and one of those good times is really to laugh it out loud and forget the woes of the reality. I got to know Umar Rana and the gang through Dan Nainan show, organised by Shawn, a fellow Alumnus from the NTUC 20/20 Photography Group. So it was one thing that led to another and one of my pictures got into the National papers because of them.  And now, through their hard work, to give us Singaporeans something to laugh about every Tuesday night over at the Home Club, they got the eyes of the local TV station and their shows are now taping for broadcasting later in the year.  Not bad for a start up that is barely a year old and besting the other older, much more established comedy clubs in Singapore. Kudos to Umar. It is an honor to know you guys.

So now they are number 75. A really good milestone, 3/4 way to the century show and so I thought I should give myself a comedic break while getting my dim light, small stage performance shoot some exercise.  Overall, as the other times I went to including Laugh Off: Philipines versus SGP and Karma Komedians, the turn out was fantastic and I really had a good time, shooting and laughing. Getting my shots focused is a miracle in itself.

Check out the crowd! Just shy of 8 patrons to full capacity.

Shooting Pano with the Fujifilm X100 of the performer and the crowd in a close to darkness situation. Ain’t easy for the camera. It pulls it off beautifully. This time it is really the tool that helps the photographer. Am not in the mood to take multiple shots and splice them together. Not funny at all.

Vernon Lewis. The resident stunt man comedian. Funny to the bone.

Rishi. I can really say he is proud of his face that shows his prowess in the bedroom.

Papi Zak from Malaysia. Oh…his joke about the different types of moaning during sex. That is classic! Hear him to believe that it is THAT good!

Perks of the job: Beauty Break! Thanks ladies!

Pete Guella finishes up the No. 75

Next week it would be Cantonese speaking Vivek Mahbubani ( who was here for Kharma Komedian. After the last time he was here, I will be covering No. 76 just to hear him again. If you are interested to join me, do come to Home Club next Tuesday and the show will start at 9.30pm. Will be good to have reservations because Comedy Masala is really going places now and positive word is swirling around. And it is dirt cheap. 12 bucks for 2 drinks. Booze, laughter, pretty babes and hunky hunks (nope I am not gay). What’s there not to love?

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