Travel Thru’ The Lens Series: Thailand

Have a good talk with some nice people today and I am glad that a trip to Thailand will be in the plans for May/June and Oct/Nov.  The former will be a foodie and photography trail so those who like to eat and shoot or shoot then eat will be in for a treat.  And it will be done by the locals. If you want good food, then the locals will know it best.

The later trip in October/November will be focusing more on the spiritual/social side of rural Thailand. It will be something that run of the mills tours won’t get you to those places.  What I know is that the main event, a spiritual possession of monks happens annually. So if you miss this, you have to wait for next year!

As usual the T3L Series aims to bring people around to shoot, hone skills and get to know more friends in photography but without the hassle of doing back packing and be uncomfortable.  The main aim is to shoot. The main aim is to have more time to shoot hence there won’t be hidden costs and souvenir shops to waste time for all those going.  The money spent will be money well spent!

How I know? Because I am a photographer who likes to eat and travel.  Stay tune for more information!

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