Commercial Portraiture: Getting The Fun Of the Comedians

As the good book says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (Psalms 17:22).  I am trying really hard to be cheerful and I also try to be in the midst of laughter and merriment.  After all, SPIN supposed to be fun and when I mean fun, it has to be out of this world fun (I guess those who went to KL with me will know what I mean). So what happened to days when you need that perk me up in the middle of the week when everyone is tired after a day’s work?

The solution is to go get yourself drunk with good value booze over at Home Club at Riverside Walk. And then followed by good stand up comedy acts by the Joke Meisters at Comedy Masala started by a oversized Parki who loves colourful jokes (CAN!).  All thanks to Shawn I know these bunch of people who brings laughter on Tuesday nights and when I really need those perk me ups, I head down town, shoot these buggers and have great fun at the same time. Besides, how can one really train himself to shoot in near darkness unless you get into a club and do the next to impossible? Yes, get oneself to shoot in near darkness. It is the best teacher for any photographer in getting focus sharp, the exposure right and the timing right along with the comic timing of the comics.

I have seen how Comedy Masala grow from performances at a half filled (yes better than half emptied) venue into something that has garnered the camera focus from our local TV Network Mediacork.  It is really the hardwork of the comics and most importantly of all, Mr Umar Rana for doing the Herculean task of whipping the comics into submission and getting the venue done up right. Kudos man!

Now I have have the honour to shoot two of the comics I know from Comedy Masala (CM): Jinx Yeo and Fakka Fuzz.  Jinx is the first comic I know when I got to shoot for Dan Nainan show when he was in Singapore. Fuzz, the crazy Malay, got my attention when I was shooting at my first session with CM.  These guys have their own way of being funny. Jinx is understated. Fuzz is over the top. Both to me are great acts we need to follow.  Well they are really going places now and they will be performing during some beer festival soon.  Since they are featured. They need pictures and here I am doing up their shots!

To Jinx and Fuzz, thanks for the chance to work with you guys!

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