The Need for Speed: Singapore Karting Championship 2012

The Go Karting season has opened again and the first round of the Singapore Karting Championsip 2012 (SKC2012) happened over at Kartright Speedway track at the Western end of Singapore last Saturday.

The day started with heavy down pour, characteristics of Singapore weather as the season entered into the hot months (it is hotter than Summer even in some places). The humidity after the rain did not help at all even downing gallons of 100 Pluses (an isotonic drink) and water.

That did not deter the drivers though as the competition further heats up the day with qualifications and rolling start race providing the excitement.

I went through some shooting locations and in the end, I got myself permanently in the middle of the park shooting panning shots and got a really good exercise from the whole experience. It is certainly more ‘approachable’ than a full car race hence the whole shooting is more immersive in nature.

Will be going for the next round to be held at F1 Pit Building in June and hopefully can get an invite then.

Thanks to Eddy Wee and Kenneth Yeo for the experience.

The Juniors fighting it out! 

Noorzilan. A fast one. Love the helmet too.

Another nice helmet shot. Am trying to shoot with the frame diagonally instead of the usual squared orientation. That gives a wee bit more of action and speed.

Another attempt, this time not as close to give space for the Kart to ‘race’ into.

The bend is always the best place to overtake. This time by Austin Hicks.

Cool, Calm and Composed. The mark of a professional driver. Gabriella Teo leads the guys in her category.  Wish her all the best in this sport. It looks as though she is looking at me while I was doing the panning shot.

More shots can be seen at:


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