Food Photography: Hosted On the Patio

For those who have followed my blog do know that I also manage a Foodie group in Facebook ( Part of being the manager of the group means I have to source for new eateries or restaurants who are coming out with new menus so that SPIN members can shoot and eat. It is also a time for us to gather and make new friends and catch up with old ones while tasting new food and enjoy the new environment.

So what do restaurants gain for such a partnership?  For one it can be a marketing exercise as the group can be as big as 24. The restaurant can use the photos of those who attended the meet up for their menu so long it is credited.  They can also get feedback for menu before it is officially launched. 20-25 diners giving feedback is better than 1-2 blog writers yes?

And for the purpose of doing Foodie and Photography outings properly, I have also started a communication link using Those who are overseas can also join us for our outings, as a way to shoot with us, know new friends and go to places that only locals know.  I also appreciate the power of local knowledge hence overseas trips will be working with the local people primarily.

If you are interested to join us at, here’s the link:

Now back to the food photography.  Hosted on the Patio is one such restaurant that I am trying to work with for the SPIN Foodies group.  It just happens that Ivy Tan, the proprietress of the restaurant, is also  a fellow Alumnus from Monash University that I have got to know from the Monash Alumni Facebook group ( and the International Monash Alumni Photo and Travel Group (

Hosted is an event venue over at 991B Alexandra Road, located inside a cluster of PR and Foreign firms including the Deutsche Bank just across NOL and PSA building.  The place used to be the ITE Technical School but was converted to commercial use.  If not for the Labrador MRT Station, this place was not easy to get to despite the number of buses plying the route.

Hosted is basically a nice eatery with a patio. That’s why it is called Hosted on the Patio. The interior was decked out well by some well known interior designer and architect and it shows. The place is airy enough with white wooden plank walls, halogen lighting for the soft feel and generally it is modern chic with some homely feel. The deck itself is covered by the shade of the trees or the veranda and the space is used for band performances over the weekend. I got comfortable pretty quickly. You can visit Hosted website at:

So I met Ivy, nice chap (yes, she is more garang than most men I know) and also a nice chat with her as we bounced ideas and create plans for what can be done at Hosted.   While chatting and talking with us, yes Natalie Hiong was there as well to look to doing some performance session at Hosted on some evenings, Ivy graciously ordered some of Hosted signature dishes for us to eat (not try, we are having lunch).  Now I just hope that the plans I have laid it with Ivy can be done and the SPINNERs will get some good food and photos as well.

Generally the food looks delicious and most importantly of all, it tasted really good!  Here are some of the food I have taken using my Fujifilm X100.

Pictures are taken at Vivid mode. Post editing include a slight adjustments to levels and brighten with curves. Sharpening is done with FB and Flickr in mind but not to the point of it looking fake. Key point is to show what the food would look like to a potential patron.  After which, border, watermark and Hosted logo are added in.

We are off to a good start with the Hosted Pizza.  I have actually shot this using their own paper place mats but decided that the logo is not clear enough and replaced it at the same place.

The Atlanta Crab Salad is actually from the dinner menu. The crab meat and the salad creates a nice sensation in the mouth with the crunchiness and then soft meat intermingling in your mouth.

The Crab is basically a great ‘jam’ for the bread as the crab fibre mixed with tomato based spicy sauce make it a must have with that Jug of German beer.

If crab is not your thing, the House Fried Chicken Wing would be a contender next to your beer.  The lightly battered chicken wings comes with a spicy chilli sauce akin to those from good Hainanese Chicken Rice stall (How I know? I am a true blue Chicken Lovin’ Hainanese!)

There are really good spaghetti joints in Singapore. At Hosted I have tried its excellent and flavourful Spaghetti musroom aglio olio and THIS tomato cream based Smoked duck with Linguine. The sauce is thick and slurping it up is truly an experience in itself. Do eat it while it is pipping hot.

The Honey Bourbon Beef Ribs may look a bit ‘carbonised’ but slicing it open will reveal the meat being cooked to perfection. Soft and succulent and add it to the Honey Bourbon sauce you have a fantastic treat for your palate. Do ask for more of the sauce!

This Lamb Shank was so well cooked that it just came off the bone. Putting the pieces into your mouth, dripping with the sauce makes it to my favourite list (the other being the ribs)!

Couldn’t wait to do a food session with the SPINNERS.

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