Comedy Masala 87 – Another Milestone

It was not too long ago (make that 86 weeks ago) that Comedy Masala (CM) was a fledging underground comedy event.  I actually got to know Umar Rana, Rishi, Fuzz, Jinx, Sharul and the gang was thanks to Shawn of DMR inviting me to cover one of the comedy night with the American Asian-Indian, Dan Nainan.  That led me to cover the Comedy Masala Number 38

Side note:American Indian don’t sound right doesn’t it, no thanks to Christopher Columbus mistaking the local people of the Americas as the people of continental India. He really thought the world is that small!

Anyway back to the night. So we are now week number 87 and that meant I know these jokers for close to a year already (shy of 5 weeks to the year) . How time flies!

During this one year, CM went through great strides in the underground comedy scene. They have done Laugh Off Asia, Karma Komedians with Vivek Mahbubani (nice dude), Mediacorp 5 recording of their shows, Comedy Night with Paul Ogata (nice dude too!) and now it reaches another orgasm…err….the peak….with the Sony recording of the show as the pilot episode titled Asian Stands Up, that showcases Asian stand up comedy throughout Asia.

I have also grew with the CM guys. Thanks to Shawn and Umar, my photo of Dan Nainan on stage upstages the picture of Broadway Beng and Kumar in the newspapers by being the biggest picture (sorry, the ego speaks). Fuzz and Jinx has also trusted me with their portfolio portraits to be used for the  Beer Fest 2012 promotions happening in June as they will be performing with Rishi as “Sons of Singapore” comedy group.

It is always fun to be associated with this bunch of people. I do appreciate them for putting in the effort to make us laugh every week, a very tough business indeed given how boring a Singaporean life can be (that explains the  low birth rate?). Sometimes the stress can be seen on their faces as they fought the butterflies in their stomach and to face a crowd that may not be receptive to their liners.  That takes guts and courage.

Thanks for allowing me be part of this distinguished group of merry makers.

Sharul and Fin being interviewed by the Sony crew just before CM87 starts.

Rishi and Lea speaking about their time on the stage.

Full house! It was not so long ago this was only half full. A testament to the tenacity of Umar. Just Do It and Keep Doing It!  The big man’s on stage ra-ra’ing the crowd. Just for the Sony recording, the intro graphics for the series to be shown on TV throughout Asia soon!

The big man himself: Umar Rana. He surely CAN!

Wai Seng doing his piece. Is this respectable enough for his profile picture? LOL!

Rishi putting a point across. He does look like Jay Leno.

Sharul telling us why her mum kept telling her to get married. We now know why (deadpan face)

Don’t you like Liam’s fake innocence? 

Jinx on his Karate Kid days.

Tim Tayag shows how the hero kisses in Pinoy Movies. Classic!

Lea opens the second half of the night. American woman in asian society.

His take on Singlish-English translation. Now we know why ang mo don’t understand us.

Fuzz tells use why Singaporeans are crap at being criminals.

Fin Carew says there’s very good articles in ‘Boobies’ Magazines. Yes that’s you FHM!!

Vivek Mahbubani being stared down on streets of Hong Kong.

Even the policeman can’t pronounce his name.

Vivek wraps the recording for the night and for the show!

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