Event Coverage: Urban Eco-Warrior

If the past few nights you are trying to save energy by not turning on the aircon but you really can’t do it, you should know that global warming is seriously a very real problem by now.  Our forests are disappearing by thousands of acres by the day and that in turn reduce the ability for the eco-system to reduce that carbon dioxide in the air and turning us into baked chickens in this heat!

Well some people are trying a lot of ways to bring about the eco-message across and Qi Global just launched the Urban Eco-Warrior initiative today over at 313 Orchard Road. The message is simple: Do what you can as an urbanite from recycling to re-seeding the forest and jungle.

The event today is the conclusion of the filming of some young people staying in the Borneo Jungle for 100 days. Being a citizen soldier myself and staying in the Brunei Jungle for a month is not a walk in the park. How I actually become the party to actually emerged out of the jungle first of our unit after our topography exercise is a miracle by itself (thank you GOD!!) . It actually happened again in the plains of southern Taiwan (me and my buddy were second group of the whole cohort) so I think upstairs is really after me!

Well back to Orchard Road. I think most of them are glad to be out of the jungle including Tony Allison of ecodigitography (did he print photos with recycled ink? Shoot with second hand camera and lens??….just teasing!!) but today they still have to finish some more challenges including getting people to sign up to pledge themselves to be more eco-friendly. Count the number of beams etc. At least they are doing it in the comfort of an air-conditioned environment (perhaps 313 should install super huge fans instead)!

Thanks to Marisse of Qi for the opportunity to shoot the event today.

Urban Eco-Warrior Launch. Right smack in the middle of the complex.

Just in case you do not know what is happening…

Still don’t get the hint???

Take a picture and then plant a seed? My type of activity! Take more take more!

Mette and the girls…

Not even the girls…

…the guys are doing it!

Let’s do it together!

Yup! That’s me…WRONG….Left is Right and Right is Left.

The Urban E-W or Eco Warrior. It really looked like a fashion label. I would gladly get a patch and sewed it to my bag! AH! Another fund raising idea!

Just before the start of the Urban Challenge

The last day of recording.


More babes!

and more…

I am in Eco-Heaven!

Yup! First prize!

EURO CUP WINNER!!…nah…just a water bottle (but it is a very nice water bottle in Purple. Wife would have approved)

One would have to start young. The family is from Tanzania. Yup. I would really want to go to Africa! Remember we do this for the kids!

Fun is in all their faces!

More photos can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wilzworkz/sets/72157630066678560/

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