A Nice Surprise! Foodie Shots Won $50 for Me.

Got this message from the local newspaper about my food photography entry today.

“Dear Wilson,

my paper /Art of Food Appreciation & Photography Contest

Congratulations! You are the one of the top 10 winners for the above-mentioned contest organised by my paper and you have won for yourself a $50 shopping voucher!”

Now I am not sure which of the photos got the prize so I just share the photos that I have submitted.

Shot with Fujiflm X100

Aperture: F4

ISO: 500

Shutter Speed (Aperture Priority): 1/1600

Wide Balance: Shade (this will give a bit of yellow for that richer colour)

Metering: Spot

Metering at the coffee’s brown hue to get the correct colour. The rest of the picture which is white and black shouldn’t be that much different in terms of colour. As the majority of the frame will be black, I keyed in a EV -0.1 to make sure the black don’t turn to grey.


Model – FinePix X100

ExposureTime – 1/500 seconds

FNumber – 4

ExposureProgram – Aperture priority

ISOSpeedRatings – 500

MeteringMode – Spot

LightSource – Shade

Did some work on the pizza by cutting out a small piece. Remember that I have done the same for Patio’s pizza when I was there I recreated the whole thing. Just find that the feel isn’t there and someone was commenting aloud to add utensils to add to the ‘feel’ and I think it may work a bit better. Add in the Marmalade group’s serviette and the look is complete.

On hindsight it feels that the colour is a bit off as I usually switch on the Velvia film feel on the X100.

Without Kim’s invitation, I wouldn’t be there in the first place so many thanks to Kim Lim. It was also a pleasant surprise that we also met up with Tracy Tan and gang.

The food do come in small portions and we kept eating and shooting or shooting while eating (on many occasions I was munching in my mouth while shooting).

Bob Lee gave a superb talk about this and I learn some of his tricks too chief of which is to use the 24-70mm (Thanks Lee Sir!) . Thing was that I was too lazy to bring out the Nikon D200 and rely on the Fujifilm X100 instead.

More shooting will come on Tuesday when I am doing more food shoots for Hosted on the Patio.

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