Hosted Coming Up With New Menu: The Pictures

One of those perks of being a photographer is to indulge two loves at once: to shoot the food and lubricating the mouth first and then have a hearty tuck in when the shooting is over. Yes the food is cold by then but really the joy is doubly enjoyable when you can see the shots well done and the meat is medium rare (if you don’t get the joke is ok! really!)

So I got another project from Hosted On the Patio after I did a photo set that was used by them and featured in the local entertainment magazine ( This time it was to shoot their lunch menu for their lunch crowd and I must say it do look delicious just looking at them. Some special mention for some of the dishes to be presented. For the entré the Vegetable Royale is a wonderful mixture of Spigol mayo and argula (it sound so atas I still don’t know what I am eating). The Mains: crispy pork loin Cordon Bleu with melted cheese and tender ham covered with wild mushroom sause (yup there were doing pork top dancing) and sauté potatoes with the Braised Chicken in buttered Garlic a very very very close second. Desserts?? The award goes to the very  refreshing Fresh Orange Delight with Grand Marnier cream and orange sorbet.

I am not saying the rest are found wanting but we all have our favourites too.

If you find your stomach hungry by seeing the photos, do visit the Facebook page of Hosted at and get the latest updates on when the new menu would be served.

Bon Appetite!

Chicken Liver pate with Bagutte

Grilled Pimento Salad

Baked Mackerel

Chocolate Petit Pot

Orange Delight with Grand Marnier Cream

Créme Caramel with Vanilla Ice Cream

Date Pudding in Butterscotch Sauce


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