A Splendid Time With The Teng (鼟) Company

The weekend has passed us once again and it was another busy one.

This time is the performance shoot for the Teng Company/Ensemble over at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. The Teng Company is an award winning ensemble that specialises in Chinese Instruments and some of its members includes musical luminaries such as Dr Samuel Wong, Yang Jiwei, Gerald Teo and Benjamin Lim amongst others.  Their works has been featured at high profile events such as the Shanghai World Expo, Yough Olympic Games Youth Village, Hong Kong Tourism Board’s CNY dinner amongst many others (http://www.thetengcompany.com/clientele.html).  You can also follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theTENGcompany

How I get to know the Teng Company was due to my quest to find the members of the Sing Song Club where Benjamin Lim wrote a song for them. The Sing Song club members did a good vocal performance over at the Gardens by the Bay during the weekend where I was doing a test shoot for the Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera and I was trying to pass the pictures I shot as a gesture of thanks.  One thing leads to another and in the end, I was given the opportunity to shoot for them during their showcase weekend.

Shooting for a musical group is a totally different proposition than stand up comedy where I am the official photographer for Comedy Masala (http://www.comedymasala.com). For a stand up comedian, the main thing is to shoot their facial expression and for a musician, it is how the instrument and the player work together to bring about that perfect combination of sound and turn it into music. The techniques used for photography would be the same as are the lighting condition and both of shoots is really a matter of timing and capturing the mood of the moment. I hope I have captured them successfully.

Once again, major thanks to Benjamin Lim for the opportunity, Teresa Fu for paving the way and Koh Sian Eng of Esplanade getting the admin work out of the way.

Before the musical treat.

Exquisite performance of the Pi Pa by Dr Samuel Wong

Fantastic Vocal control. Bringing that out of the world mysticism to the performance. Some may even say ‘haunting’.

Yang Jiwei on the Sheng.

Gerald Teo on the Cello. A nice blend of East & West!

Benjamin Lim: Composer and Guitarist. Getting ‘Emo’

A Nice Group Photo after 2 performances! Thanks to Jimmy Ng, Charlene, Jimmy Ng and Catherine for joining me in this treat for the eyes and ears. Thank you for the opportunity!

More photos can be accessed at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wilzworkz/sets/72157631027118510/


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