Events Updates for SPIN:



Photo Critique Session + Social Gathering + Thailand Pre Trip Briefing

I will be conducting the inaugural Photo Critique cum Get together for SPIN and this will happen every month after our monthly outings/photo trips.

Event URL:

Do Note: Confirmation of Attendance is based on $10 for the food and the use of the place. Please contact me for other forms of payment.

Meeting Agenda

During our meetings we will:
a) Go through pictures of those who are in attendance. This will be great for those who wants to improve, learn more techniques and everyone sharing their experiences.
b) Choose the best picture of the session as a form of encouragement.
c) Pre-trip and/or Pre-Outing briefing for upcoming activities and admin stuff for the trip.
d) Updates on latest camera models/lens. Questions on equipment etc.

Best Photo of the Month on Photo Wall

The best photo of the month will be printed out and hanged on the wall of the café. The photo print will be on sale to the general public and the majority of the proceeds will be shared with the owner of the photo. Further details will be shared with the winner.

The photo print on the wall will be returned to the photographer at the end of the year (since it will be replaced by the new photo of the same month of the new year). The best picture will be chosen via voting of those in attendance.

Travel Thru’ The Lens – Buddhist Lent / Thai Harvest Festival

Travel Thru’ The Lens:- Special Annual Photo trip to Capture Buddhist Lent Ceremony & Thailand Harvest Festival at Saraburi, North West Region of Bangkok.

Those who signed up during the session I will be able to give a better rate as a form of promotion. We just need 8 to get the tour going and if there is 10 or more, there will be discounts for everyone.

As I will be training those who are on the same trip with me on Manual Photography and landscape techniques, this would even be more beneficial for those who has yet to learn the basics of photography.

More details will be shared during the Photo Critique Session.

Halal Food & Beverage

As we need to pay for the use of the place, I have made a deal with the owner to provide us with food and drinks during our meeting at a discounted price. As the food we provided is Halal and not Haram, our muslim brothers and sisters are very much welcomed to join us!

I made arrangements for food as we will be meeting at 7.30pm so I would not want members to rush through their dinner. Members are allowed to choose one main course and one beverage. Here are the following choices:

1. Main Course Choice
– Green Curry with rice
– Smoke Duck with rice
– Pepper smoke Duck with rice
– Various choices of Congee
– Braised Chicken Rice
– Homemade Nasi Lemak
– Mee Siam/Laksa

2. Beverages
– Freshly brewed traditional coffee/tea
– Home make drinks

Those going for the Photo Critique session, please forward me the photo for discussion after confirming the attendance through payment.

To reserve place please pay for the session at:

Location: Le Kopi #02-55 Velocity@Novena Novena Square
Date: 13 Sep 2012
Time: 2000hrs

Food Photography + Thank You Dinner

The whole event started because National Arts Council, National Heritage Board and National Library Board is doing some research on the local art scene and the people who are in art groups. SPIN is one of the group to do an ethography interview (in other words to know who are the people involved and what the group do).

Since the interview needed a few people for it to be conducted, I decided to work with Hosted on the Patio ( to do a simple food photography gathering for the SPIN group members so that they have a place to do the interview as well as enjoy good food!

Have a look at the menu

Starter – Home Cured Salmon Trout in Sweet Dill Dressing and Fresh Greens

Mains (Choose one) –
Red Wine Braised Beef Cheeks in Mashed Potato and Buttered Carrots


Oven Baked Red Snapper Fillet, Fennel Orange Sauce and Zucchini Gratin

Desert – Extra Smooth Date Pudding in Hot Butter Scotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

I am looking forward to these events this coming week!




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