October Photo Critique Session

SPIn Photo share
SPIN and Singapore Digital Photographer Meetup Group will be conducting the Photo Critique cum Get together and this will happen every 2nd Thursday of the month after our monthly outings/photo trips.

Location:Le Kopi Café, Novena Square @ Velocity #02-25
Date: 11 October 2012 (Thursday)
Time: 6.30pm to 7pm (Dinner), 7pm to 9pm (Session)

Cost: $15 for use of place and dinner (please see the list below for menu selection).
Payment: http://wilzworkz.ownashop.com/item.aspx?id=10283&sidMeeting AgendaDuring our meetings we will:
a) Go through pictures of those who are in attendance.
b) Choose the best picture of the session
c) Pre-walk briefing for Scott Kelby’s Global Photowalk
d) Tips on Street Photography with photos of East Europe

Photo Critique Session

After last month’s Photo Critique session, I have made the following changes to the way the session is to be conducted.

a) The photo for critique shall be submitted prior to the session itself. This will make sure that time is not spent on uploading the photo through the thumbdrive. This will also mititgate problems associated with corrupted thumbdrives

b) The photos will then be numbered and to be put in an internet based folder. The same photos will be stored in a thumbdrive by me in case there is no internet connection. Since the photos are numbered, the photographer will not be named until the winner is announced. This is to ensure fairness as much as possible.

c) Since the photos will be shown on the laptop/pad/phone screen, the colours will not be washed out by projectors. There will be less time setting up the projector as well and more time sharing and improving.

As such, here are the following steps to submit photo for photo critique and vy for a place on the photo wall.
Step 1 – Pay for the session & choose your food (http://wilzworkz.ownashop.com/item.aspx?id=10283&sid)

Step 2 – Submit the photo (max: 3 per pax) for critique and mini competition. All pictures will have to be emailed to me 2 days prior to the session at the latest.

Step 3 – Bring along an Internet enabled device such as a laptop, iPad, Android Tablet and/or any smartphones.

Best Photo of the Month on SPIN Wall

For the month of September we will be putting up Hein’s Buddha Photo on the wall of the cafe! Please attend to congratulate him.
We will be going through October’s submission and then choose the best photo of the month.

The best photo of the month will be printed out and hanged on the wall of the café. The photo print will be on sale to the general public and the majority of the proceeds will be shared with the owner of the photo. Further details will be shared with the winner.

The photo print on the wall will be returned to the photographer at the end of the year (since it will be replaced by the new photo of the same month of the new year). The best picture will be chosen via voting of those in attendance.

Travel Thru’ The Lens – Street Photography Briefing and Tips
The meet up session will be focusing on street photography tips and techniques followed by a briefing on the Scott Kelby’s Photowalk.
If you are interested to learn, please do come down for the monthly meeting.

Halal Food & Beverage

As we need to pay for the use of the place, I have made a deal with the owner to provide us with food and drinks during our meeting at a discounted price. As the food we provided is Halal and not Haram, our muslim brothers and sisters are very much welcomed to join us!

I made arrangements for food as we will be meeting at 7.30pm so I would not want members to rush through their dinner. Members are allowed to choose one main course and one beverage. Here are the following choices:

1. Main Course Choice
– Smoke Duck with rice
– Pepper smoke Duck with rice
– Various choices of Congee
– Braised Chicken Rice
– Homemade Nasi Lemak
– Mee Siam/Laksa

2. Beverages
– Freshly brewed traditional coffee/tea
– Home make drinks

Those going for the Photo Critique session, please forward me the photo for discussion (max: 3) after confirming the attendance through payment. Choose the best 3 of the month, put them into a Folder and zipped the folder before forwarding them to me to my email (wilswong@wilzworkz.com).

Any questions? Email Wilson at wilswong@wilzworkz.com.

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