My Photos As Art Pieces

I have been wanting to sell my photos for the longest time as another form of revenue stream. However at the moment I think putting them as stock photo can have limited reach with the amount of pictures vying for attention.  I am also wondering about the revenue stream too that cost next to cheap to be sold.

It may look good on paper but controlling it is another matter altogether.

And then Toni, one of my students of my Basic Manual Training class, proposes to sell my photos as art work in very limited quantities. That interest me because I am allow the prints to be sold but also at a price that is closer to the value I see in them. Best of all, the audience that Culture Square is attracting is for those who supports the local art scene by buying them.

In Culture Square’s own words:

“Our Concept: Our mission is to make original art accessible to everyone by providing it in an easy to understand and affordable format. We take the guesswork out of buying art by offering standard sizes at standard prizes, regardless of the artist, medium or style.

By Local, Support Emerging Arts: Culture Square offers a platform for emerging artists to launch their careers and gives you the chance to support the Singapore and regional arts community. We aim to connect artists with art buyers to encourage interaction and education. Our artists come from near and far: Singapore, Indonesia, the Americas and Europe, but all live in the region and are inspired by local and international influences”

You can also find them at

and my feature page in Culture Square:

The gallery is now opened but will have a grand opening on the 15th March 2013 (Friday) from 6.30pm onwards. You are welcome to visit them too.

The invitation:


Below are some of the works I will be selling via Culture Square. If you are interested, do contact Culture Square about them.


Rice has been the Asian staple food since civilisation. And the shot of the rice grains in the rice field lighted by the sun couple with a spider web, it goes to symbolise abundance and the ability to capture prosperity.


The alms bowl is the container for Buddhist monks to receive food from worshippers during the almsround or pindacara. The act of alms giving in Buddhism represents mutual dependence and symbolic connection between the religion and the people. It is to show humbleness and respect of the religion in the presence of the secular society.

Moonrise Over The Sea

Taken during my trip to Jeju Island looking at the hexagonal shaped rocked formed by lava flows. The sun was setting, providing the gorgeous red glow that illuminates the landscape. The moon peeking through the evening skies completed the scene.

Padi Sunset

The padi sunset shot in Malaysia shows how interconnected we are to the world. The sun, water and soil provides for us through the rice grains.

Prague Silhouette

The Prague Silhouette was shot while visiting the East European countries of Czech and Slovak Republic. During the trip I was experimenting with shadows and silhouette and this shot seems to show how history has cast a long shadow into the affairs of man in the modern world through the preservation of historical monuments and buildings.

Running Brastislava

Running Bratislava is really one of those shots that was taken by pure Grace. We, with a group of students, was walking back to the hotel after our sun rise shoot at the Danube River next to the Slovak Capital town. I decided to check on the view when I saw pedestrians crossing the road. Just when I was about to go, someone dash from the centre divider across the street providing the perfect moment for the photo. I guess this speaks of the energy that is within the Slovak Republic, raring to go and show the world what they can do.

Sunrise at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Western Australia

Shot this at 4.30am in the morning. Perth’s time follows that of Eastern Australia and there was a 3 hour difference between Singapore and Australia. It is a bit odd to be waking up at 2.30am in the morning and out of the hotel room at 3.00am to prepare for the shoot and waiting for the sun to rise at 4.00am with slight rain too. Miserable is an understatement to be honest but the morning shots of the lighthouse with the Panoramic shot ( makes it all worthwhile.

Steeple in Bratislava

I have always tried to shoot at least one sun rise at the places I visited and Bratislava is no exception. This was taken during my early morning hike up to the Bratislavský hrad. In the background is actually the Danube River coming from Germany.

Sunrise Salt Plains

Sunrise Salt Plains was taken outside of Bangkok City on the way to Hua Hin. We were told by the locals that we are ‘lucky’ to have such a gorgeous sunrise during over visit as it has been raining for the past couple of mornings. The muddy tracks testified to the fact. The water and colour sky added an additional dimension and reflection element to the whole picture with the windmill being the subject of the whole picture.

Super Trees Bling Bling

Last but not least is our very own Super Trees shown more of the bling bling beauty than to overwhelm with structures.

Thanks to Toni for the opportunity and I will be there to witness the opening.

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