Breitling Jet Team Aerial Performance in Singapore

The Breitling Jet Team came over to Singapore for some high octane aerobatics performances. The French based team is the largest civilian aerial performance aerobatic team made up of mostly retired French air force combat pilots led by a Frenchman, Jacques Bothelin.  Today’s performance lasted around 20 minutes with close formation flying, duo routines, high speed passes and synchronised aerobatics with the Aero L-39 Albatros jets.

The news about the performance can just two days before the actual event. Mr Koh Lye Huat, Mr Takashi Yoshida joined me for this rare performance by the French team. I’d guess the rest of Singapore has the same idea as the monorail Station over at Vivocity was jam packed.  The beach itself has more people with NeBo youth group (by NTUC) running around doing their survival game thingie. So the whole beach front was swarming with people. The game plan was to find one of the breakwater islands facing the beach with the assumption that the jets will not be flying over the beach but out at sea. The gamble paid off and we got some good vantage point.

However, the white/grey skies caused the underexposure and massive + EV has to be employed. And to be on the safe side, I resorted to shoot it in RAW with 2x Teleconvertor with the Sigma 70-200 F2.8 Macro APO and use the zone focusing method. I subsequently dumped the TC as the jets are much closer than anticipated and switched to Continuous focusing on the Nikon D300.

Here are the shots:

Fly pass. The jets are surprisingly quiet. We nearly miss this because of that.
Showing the belly. No prizes for knowing who is the sponsor (love the watch!)
Doing the corkscrew
Up Close.
Opposition Passes


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