I Am Part of Techgoondu.com

It is always nice to be back in the fold of writing reviews for IT products and services. Although my job include photography related business/events, there is always this part of me that is also enthusiastic about anything IT.

Techgoondu is started by some tech geeks who used to be in the main stream media. There are tons of tech review sites but this is a bit unique in that we comment on things local.

So where do I come in?  I was in start ups after I graduated and I wrote articles for The Straits Times (that’s how I know Alf) and also Oneshift.com.  After a short hiatus, it is good to be back in the game of touchy feely new stuff and write about them including the IT market in general and what it means to the lay person.

Since I am already doing photography stuff, the main focus will be cameras if they come by Techgoondu. I will cover other stuff when the opportunity appears. At the moment I still have ASUS Padfone Infinity and ASUS external sound systems I am putting some pace in so do look out for the reviews.




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