User Review: ASUS Zenbook Prime

The Metal Clad Zenbook Prime. Sleek and Sophisticated look.

There are Ultrabooks and there are those that are more Ultra than others. Yes the Macbook Air people will digress but seriously, the Zenbook Prime is a serious piece of kit.  I won’t go into the specifics on how fast it will go as this will be covered by a lot of tech websites. I would instead talk about this from a layman perspective.

Full clothed in a metal body, the Prime does ooze that much luxurious touch to the whole experience. The 13.3″ laptop is matched with Nvidia GT620M graphics card with 1GB VRAM, a Intel Core i7 @ 3.0Ghz with 2GB DDR3 RAM and SATAIIi SSD all squeezed into brushed Aluminium case that measures 18mm at the rear and tapered down to 5.5mm at the front making it a wedge shape device for easy insertion into bags.

Weight wise it is about 1.45kg light for a laptop but for those used to tablets, it just feels a bit on the heavy side. Then again, is a laptop so it is really acceptable.

Illuminated Keyboards – looks nice but is it necessary? Taken from PCWorld.

The battery power is what that astounds me. Yes it won’t be as long as a tablet but Intel and ASUS is trying very hard to compete on that end. Largely they have succeeded in my book (pun intended) where I have used it on and off for about a week, averaging 2 hrs per day doing mundane stuff like typing out emails, check Facebook, watch couple of Youtubes and listen to some music. So for a heavy work load on this laptop, it will definitely last more than a day for the average mobile worker.

Entertainment wise it comes with Bang and Olufsen ICEPower Sonic Master sound management system. No complaints there and with the right headphones and the crisp monitor, it is an able entertainment device. The speakers are not the best out there because of its placement as it faces down towards the table top but at least it is loud and clear enough.

1 x USB, 1 x Monitor Port, 1 x HDMI Port and charger port. The left side would be SD card reader, 1 x USB and Headphone jack. Very little but enough for most people. Taken from PCWorld.

What’s not to like? Perhaps the fact that it only has 2 x USB 3.0 slots that can be easily solved by a hub. I would also like to switch off the illuminated keyboard just to save more battery juice as I don’t really use my laptop in total darkness and illuminating it in a brightly lighted room won’t be visible as well so to me is a waste. The other thing to note is to get the higher capacity SSD as the OS will take up a lot of space, rendering very little space left for users to utilise.  I don’t see the point of having a very thin laptop only to be hampered by a connected external HDD drive.

The Zenbook Prime will largely meet everyone’s computing needs except for the hard core gamers. For those who wants something to show off, the ASUS Zenbook Prime is up its alley on that point. Just take note on the data space one has to use for daily computing needs.



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