Launch of Nokia 1020

It has 41MP BSI sensor. Good night shot capabilities. Allows manual shutter speed control. Allows manual focusing. Has ball bearings as vibration reduction. It has camera centric controls and user interface.


If the above read like a launch for a camera, you are not alone.

It is actually for the flag ship Nokia phone the 1020. And add the camera grip (with battery extender) the look is complete.



Initial feel of shooting with this is quite positive. Only thing now is to wrap my brain around using Windows Phone 8.

Nokia is promoting the new Phone by bundling the camera grip worth $98 when you buy the Phone at $999. All 3 telcos will have contract pricing instead.

My view is that if you are ok with the Windows Phone OS and also an avid photographer, this is the phone to get. The camera function is seriously one of the best implementation I have seen since HTC One. The camera app itself is a gem.

I will try to get it tested with sample pictures to share. Cross your fingers and toes please!


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