Camera Maximisation Class in Yishun

I will be conducting a camera maximisation class for SAFRA Yishun. This is to help those who find going beyond Automatic mode and even Scene Mode daunting.

For those who have proceeded to learn photography on their own but got stuck, the maximisation course allows you to solve the most pertinent problems when capturing pictures and to know why certain things happens in the camera.

The class is designed for the technically challenged so there won’t be a lot of camera/photography jargon being thrown around.

The class consists of two parts:
Part 1 – 2 hour theory at SAFRA Yishun

Part 2 – 4 hour practical at nearby Park or other location (to be discussed with participants)

Class Dates: 9 October and 14 November (Theory). Practical on Saturdays.
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Fees: From $64.20

What others have said in their own words:

If you are keen to attend please email Azura at

For more information:

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