Commentary: Brand Loyalty Starts with the Brand

Today F-stoppers posted a very very interesting article about brand loyalty.

Here’s the link:

And here’s my official self indulging reply as a blog post.

This is what I have been saying for the longest time. The two brands are churning out upgrades that are too fast too furious so much so people felt that they are betrayed for buying a model too soon. The result of such practice is that people will keep waiting for the next model, thinking that getting it too early may actually disadvantage them.

The other brand i can think of is ASUS with the Padfone Infinity 1.1. Just too fast, too soon too quick.

The brand i think has done things right is Fujifilm Xteam. The model came out and got a lot of firmware upgrades so much so people feel that when they buy a model, they get an improved camera through the firmware upgrades. They will feel that they spend their money well for sticking with the brand.

I may be a Fujifilm X-Photographer and you may think I am sucking up to them. I am not. I am honest enough to say when a company that do the right thing to their customers will get my money. And in some ways, yes loyalty.

I will cry foul about any company that don’t understand about customer loyalty by churning models just to correct a mistake or can be improved with a simple firmware upgrade.

Although I understand companies need to earn money but it crosses a line when a simple improvement justifies a new model when it shouldn’t

Something to think about for manufacturers out there.


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