Institute of Mental Health Featuring My Photos

It is an honour to have my pictures to be featured in the Institute of Mental Health (Singapore) textbook as cover and chapter divider. Am not sure how it will turn out but according to the experts in IMH, nature do help in one’s mental state and health.  So here are the pictures of landscapes and macro shots, all photos are taken with Fujifilm X-E1 with kit lens.

This photo was partly of some significance when it comes to mental health. There are chaos and uncertainly as represented by the swirling and rough seas but the rocks, symbolising one’s esteem and capabilities and sometimes faith, must be steadfast in the face of challenges. It is good to have a firm foundation in self-belief sometimes.
Captured in Korea the maple leaves caught the sun’s morning rays. The red and rich colours gave a more positive outlook to life. Be hopeful as the new day dawns and a new beginning.  Hope, to me, is the expectation of good that is to come. The best is yet to be (yes ACS motto).
Raindrops on the Lettuce leaf captured in Sikkim, India. Am intrigued that the water drops rest on the leaf providing elements that captures the eyes through reflection and refraction. Problems may wash down on us sometimes but compartmentalise the problems like beads of water and things are not as overwhelming as it seems.
Budding flowers gives us a sense of new life and new beginnings. It is of good expectation and shines forth in joy like the flower faces the world when it blooms.

Would love to give my thanks to Stephanie Ho for the link up and the Department of Corporate Communication for the opportunity.

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